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MaxButtons Pro 8: Responsive WordPress Buttons

MaxButtons Pro 8 boasts a new system for creating perfect responsive buttons. With our Live Preview system, you can easily create and preview buttons for any device, seeing the result real-time in the preview while creating them. This makes MaxButtons Pro 8 the button plugin with the most responsive options offered by WordPress and also […]

Guide to Button Shortcodes : no need to endless copy buttons

Many people need to have multiple buttons with the same general design, but just with a different link or text. No need to copy We often see people with hundreds of buttons. It not only becomes hard to update the site, but also to find the correct button you want to use. When properly using […]

How to install MaxButtons PRO

Congratulations on your purchase! With MaxButtons PRO creating professional looking WordPress buttons will become a breeze. This guide will explain how to install the plugin. If you have installed plugins in WordPress before you’ll be familiar with how this works. Download the Plugin If you have just purchased the plugin, you’ll receive a direct download […]

MaxButtons Pro Just Released 5 New Button Packs!

Hey folks! We’ve just released 5 new button packs and just know you’re going to love them! Click on the pack title or image to go to the download page. Let’s take a quick peak, shall we? COVID-19 Pack This free pack includes buttons with COVID-2019 icons and related terms like “no handshakes”, “stay at […]

MaxButtons and MaxButtons Pro Update for PHP 7.3

Hey everybody! We may have been absent from your email inbox for a while but it’s only because we’ve been working exceptionally hard at preparing MaxButtons 8 for release! It’s all very exciting and we’ll be sure to let you know the release date as soon as we’ve nailed one down. Until then though, we’ve […]

MaxButtons Pro 7.9: Icon Animations, Advanced Tooltips, Plus More

MaxButtons Pro 7.9 is out, and with it comes some brand new features to help you create even more awesome buttons on your WordPress site. With this latest release, you’ll get access to: Animation effects for the images and icons you use in your buttons A new Advanced Tooltip feature to give you more control […]

WordPress Buttons and Gutenberg

Introducing MaxButtons Pro Version 7.5 with Gutenberg Compatibility!plus WordPress Share Buttons Version 1.6! Howdy, folks. Since we last touched base with you about MaxButtons 7.4 we’ve been busy building new features for you. This time, we’re checking in with updates to both the core MaxButtons plugin, as well as WordPress Share Buttons, our free social sharing extension for MaxButtons. […]

Social Sharing of Blog Content Is Dead. Here Are 8 Ways to Promote It Instead

If you don’t share your blog posts, they will go unnoticed. But is social media really the best place to share your blog content? Perhaps not. Simply sharing your blog posts on social media is not enough. Content engagement on social media has decreased by 50% since 2015. This means you’re getting half the likes, […]

MaxButton and MaxButtons Pro Version 7.4!

While it may have been a few months since our last email, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been hard at work improving and fine-tuning MaxButtons for you! Here’s everything that’s happened since we last touched base… MaxButtons 7.4 Is Out A few days ago we released MaxButtons version 7.4 which mainly improves how you work […]

How to Use WordPress Plugins to Automate Social Sharing and Save Time

  Who has the time and energy to tweet every few minutes? Or remember to post on Facebook at the optimal times? Nobody. Well, maybe a few phone-obsessed tweens. You certainly don’t have the time if you run a business or blog. But, there’s no getting around social sharing. 73% of U.S. adults use YouTube, […]

11 Essential WordPress Plugins for Smart Marketers

Companies and individuals spend thousands on custom websites. If you’re just starting out, it can make a massive dent in your budget. But have you ever thought about just doing it yourself? What many people don’t realize is that you don’t need to be a master coder to create a decent website. All you need […]

Basic Buttons

Let’s get you started with our Basic Buttons packs. We have made these sets so that you can easily upgrade your button game by starting with one of the buttons and going from there. You’ll see a sample of the variety of styles and features from MaxButtons Pro that you can use. Make the most […]

How To Open A Popup When A User Clicks A Button In WordPress

If you’re trying to get visitors to sign up for your email list, register at your site, or send you a message, using a two-step opt-in is a powerful approach. With a two-step opt-in, your visitor clicks on a button to open a popup that displays a form to collect more information. This can actually […]

How To Create A Shortcode Button In WordPress: With Or Without A Plugin

Struggling with how to create a shortcode button in WordPress? Shortcode buttons are super convenient for quickly inserting stylish, attention-grabbing buttons in your WordPress content. But WordPress doesn’t include any functionality to create a shortcode button by default. To help, I’m going to show you two different ways to create a shortcode button in WordPress. […]

WordPress Share Buttons Addon Version 1.0

MaxButtons Share Buttons Addon Version 1.0 On Friday we released Version 1.0 of our MaxButtons Share Buttons Addon. The response from our Version 0.9 was excellent and we spent quite of bit of time with your feedback making it even better plus Instagram and Youtube social networks. Now it’s ready for prime time. The addon works well […]

11 Successful Marketers Share Their 14 Favorite WordPress Plugins

According to the latest tally, there are 54,210+ WordPress plugins listed at alone. When the numbers get that high, you gain a new appreciation for the phrase “spoiled for choice.” So how can you dig through that massive directory and find the plugins that can actually make a difference to your bottom line? One […]

How To Track Link And Button Clicks In WordPress

If you’ve gone through the trouble of creating buttons for your WordPress site, you probably want to know whether or not people are actually clicking on those buttons, right? Understanding which of your buttons are racking up the most clicks helps you know what works and, equally as important, what doesn’t work. But if you […]

Getting Started with WordPress Share Buttons for MaxButtons

WordPress Share Buttons is a free extension for MaxButtons that lets you add social share buttons to various locations on your WordPress site. With the plugin, you can: Choose from 7 stylish share button sets Turn share buttons on or off for individual post types and/or individual posts Manually configure which link gets shared when […]

How To Create WordPress Buttons – A Complete Guide

Struggling with how to create WordPress buttons for your site? WordPress makes it easy to insert regular text hyperlinks right from the WordPress Editor, but it doesn’t give you a way to easily add buttons. For that reason, many WordPress users struggle with how to add buttons to their WordPress posts or pages. That’s why […]

New WordPress Buttons: Teal Form Buttons

  Hi there! This week we’ve added a new pack to the MaxButton Pro library and we’re happy to share it free for a week. Subscribe to our weekly emails that share new button packs, plugin features and updates. These Teal Form Buttons are an essential element for your WordPress forms. We offer each new […]

New WordPress Buttons: Contact Us Buttons

Based on a customer request from Brian K., this week we are sharing a new set of WordPress buttons that feature gradients, shadows and icons. The theme for this set is Contact Us and it includes 5 different related icons, along with various options for color, shape and layout. Make it easy for visitors on […]

New WordPress Buttons: Square Social Buttons

This week we’ve released a new pack of social media icons with a modern look. The Social Square button pack includes 21 large white icons set on colorful squares. We’ve included old favourites such as Facebook and Twitter and added in newer sites and apps like VK and SnapChat. You can line up these buttons all in […]

New WordPress Buttons: Stackable Buttons

Welcome a new season or introduce a bright and fun look to your WordPress site or blog with this new set of stackable buttons. You can create an instant sidebar with clickable links or use single buttons on their own for call to action pages. If you like one specific color you can copy the […]

New WordPress Buttons: Color Bar Buttons

Add some fun with color to your site, shop or blog! These buttons include 12 color options with text. When you hover over one of the buttons with a mouse, a rectangle border in the same color appears about the button to show it has a link and is clickable. As with almost every button […]

New WordPress Buttons: Modern Elegant Buttons

Hello classy. We were going for an understated elegant look with these transparent buttons paired with a nice serif font and rounded border. As with almost every button pack offered by MaxButtons Pro, this set is fully editable. You can add icons, change the colors, choose a different font and more. If you’d prefer a white […]

Buttons in User Interface Design

Website buttons are an essential piece of interaction design. Despite seeming like a simple UI element button design has changed considerably over time while the principles of buttons UX have remained focused on recognition and clarity. This article covers the evolution of button design and looks at some of the best practices to follow in […]

New WordPress Buttons: Download Buttons

This pack starts out with all the colors of the rainbow and we’ve customized them by adding the text | Download to each one. In the hover state, the background color changes to gray. Sharp edges, a bold font and an off center layout results in a modern look to complement your WordPress theme. As […]

Text WordPress Buttons

This year, we’ve started out by designing a bunch of new text button sets. We’ve come to realize that not every site suits buttons with icons and we want to offer an array of options for everyone. Text buttons are a great way to get more people interacting and clicking on your site as they […]

New WordPress Buttons: Social Text Buttons

With a new year, we’ve created a new set of social media icons that includes up and coming platforms like KIK, Patreon, Twitch, Periscope and more. We’re gone with a modern, minimalistic look with light gray borders and text colors that corresponds with the social branding. In the preview image, the vine button is an […]

New WordPress Buttons: Floating Action Buttons

Our folks at Max Foundry have been researching which buttons work best on modern sites and as a result we are designing 3 new button packs, specifically designed according to the material design guidelines published by Google. The first set features floating action buttons, which are circular in shape and come in various colors to […]

New WordPress Buttons: Pastel Holiday Tree Buttons

In an effort to offer some holiday buttons for WordPress sites that move away from the traditional red and green christmas colors, we’ve created this beautiful set of Pastel Holiday Tree Buttons. Inspired by the colorful Christmas tree silhouette vector pack from Vecteezy, this set includes 6 holiday trees in pastel colors and decorative Dancing […]

New WordPress Buttons: Holiday Snowflake Buttons

Are you ready for the holiday season? We hope that our new set of Holiday Snowflake Buttons will help get your WP site set up for holiday sales and online shopping. If you offer holiday promotions for products or services, our new free set can be used to grab attention and direct visitors to shop now. […]

New WordPress Buttons: Basic Buttons 6

Did you know that we now offer 6 different basic button packs for free with MaxButtons Pro? We are proud to release our newest freebie, Basic Buttons 6, which a great option for social media links on your WordPress site. Do you have a Facebook page? Just insert the button on any page or post […]

New WordPress Buttons: Black Social Buttons

We figured it was about time we created a new social media button set that features current popular sites and apps like Instagram and Snapchat. We kept it simple and solid with a black and white theme, but there are so many different styles that could be created with this set. We’ve chosen to pair […]

MaxButtons Pro Color Picker

Last week we released MaxButtons and MaxButtons Pro versions 6.5 which include our beautiful new color picker! There are number of things about this color picker we love.  First is that the color hex code is automatically highlighted so that it is very easy to copy/paste into hover and other button states. The sliding bar […]