Button Shortcode

Imagine you have a bunch of buttons on your site that you want to give the same look and feel. But maybe you need a different link for the button or you want to have a different text.

We notice when giving support many people use the MaxButtons Pro copy function and just replicate the button multiple times with changes to the URL and the text. For a simple site with only a few buttons or if just inserting a shortcode is plenty for you in terms of doing something technical, this is fine.

But as your site grows this becomes not only time consuming but also explodes the number of buttons you have. So we want to explain how to use your beautiful MaxButtons Pro buttons everywhere with less effort and take your MaxButtons shortcode game to the next level.

Say we have a button that is perfect for us in terms of styling, size and other options and we want to put this button on many different pages on our site. But each time we use it we want button to send the user to a different URL, have a different text message or both.

So for example let’s use this sweet button where id=1 and the setup is the text as ‘Google’ and the button destination google.com.

Our starter button uses the shortcode

[maxbutton id=1 ]
looks like this.

To use our same button but to change the destination URL just add the URL parameter for the site you want

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://anotherurl.com”]

in this case we send the user to yahoo.com


That’s it!

Now we have a Google Button that sends a user to Yahoo. So let us learn how to change the text of our button. To just change the text we use

[maxbutton id=”1″ text=”New Button Message”]


Our starter button with text=”Yahoo” looks like this now.

But that starter button still sends users to google.com. So let us combine both a change in URL and destination like this

[maxbutton id=”1″ url=”https://yoururl” text=”Another text”]

and our button looks like this and now sends the user to yahoo.com.

In the Button Editor section towards the top in light yellow you can see all the options under the shortcode tab ‘see more examples’ as a reminder.