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MaxButton and MaxButtons Pro Version 7.4!

While it may have been a few months since our last email, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been hard at work improving and fine-tuning MaxButtons for you! Here’s everything that’s happened since we last touched base…

MaxButtons 7.4 Is Out

A few days ago we released MaxButtons version 7.4 which mainly improves how you work with Font Awesome and other icons while building your buttons.

Font Awesome icons should now load more quickly for you and won’t get in the way of any other Font Awesome plugins (if you’re using any).

Plenty Of Other Improvements Since Version 7.0

Beyond those version 7.4 improvements, we also want to share some other goodies from the past few months that should make it easier for you to keep creating awesome buttons. You’ll now get:

  • An improved link picker to make it easier for you to select links to your content.
  • Customizable palette colors to help you work more quickly with different color schemes on your site.
  • Speedier Google Fonts for improved performance at your site.
  • A new Font Manager layout to help you work with different fonts for your buttons.
  • An improved Add Button dialog interface. And you can also now see all the shortcode attributes in the interface.

And oh yeah – we also improved a ton of tiny things that you probably never noticed but may have gotten in the way of some people’s button-creating experience! To view a full list of all the squashed bugs, check out the full changelog.