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How to create a download button in WordPress

If you want your visitors to be able to download files from your site, it’s a good idea to create a dedicated download button. It will make it easier for your visitors, and they will more likely read your offering. The latest version, MaxButtons PRO 8.5, now allows to create a download button in WordPress with just one click.

This will work beautifully if you want to offer your visitors the latest leaflet, a menu, or other downloads. Read what else is new in version 8.5

In the button editor you can simply activate the URL is download option and put the file for download in the URL field. To make it even more simple, the ‘select site content’ button next to the URL now also will find all your documents and attachments.

More information about creating a download button you can find on our documentation page!

What else new in version 8.5

Apart from several bug fixes, it’s now also possible to use shortcodes in MaxButtons directly. This can be a good idea when you have shortcodes which return text. Be careful when using shortcodes, if they return HTML or perform other functions you can break your buttons.

When using Custom CSS in the button editor, it will now be applied to the live preview as well

We have also added more ways to use variables in MaxButtons. This will make integrations with your theme or plugins a bit easier, since you won’t directly have to involve using PHP . More on using variables you can find in the dynamic button documentation.