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MaxButtons PRO – Update to version 8.4.1

We’ve made a few updates to MaxButtons PRO so make sure you upgrade to get the latest features and fixes. What’s changed?
URL variables : ||nextpost|| and ||prevpost|| for navigation
Essentially, this allows you to use a URL for “next post” and “previous post” in the same category in the MaxButton by using the string ||nextpost|| (for next post etc.)

Fix for Beaver Builder and Elementor Tweak

Improvements for both builders now show a button preview with layout improvements for Beaver Builder and tweaked Elementor button preview now works more optimally.

Bug Fix for TablePress Advanced Editor Button Popup

Error with using the advanced content editor and the MaxButton add Button popup together has been fixed.

Tested on both PHP 8.0 and WordPress 5.6

You can upgrade MaxButtons PRO confidently, directly through your WordPress Dashboard under plugins. If an update is not available you’ll need to log in to your MaxButtons account, renew any licenses where required and then recheck for the update in WordPress.

Before you go … Did you hear about our December Sale?

Well, Christmas came early this year! We’re running a massive sale on our WordPress button library package which we affectionately call “Every Button We’ve Got”.  With over 6,000 buttons in around 250 sets you get all of the buttons we have plus whatever we produce over the next 12 months, for just $20.
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