New WordPress Buttons: Stackable Buttons

Screen Shot 2017 04 17 at 9.21.26 AMWelcome a new season or introduce a bright and fun look to your WordPress site or blog with this new set of stackable buttons. You can create an instant sidebar with clickable links or use single buttons on their own for call to action pages. If you like one specific color you can copy the button multiple times and add text to each one. Simply create or edit a page or post, click the “add button” button and select the button you’d like to use. Add a link to the page you want to connect the button to and it’s as easy as that.

Stackable Buttons

As with almost every button pack offered by MaxButtons Pro, this set is fully editable. You can add icons, change the colors, choose a different fontĀ and more.

Download and start using Stackable Buttons on your WordPress site now!

Here are some of the most recent packs we have released:

button market 041617
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button market 041517
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