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New WordPress Buttons: Teal Form Buttons


Normal vs. Hover Button Preview

Hi there! This week we’ve added a new pack to the MaxButton Pro library and we’re happy to share it free for a week. Subscribe to our weekly emails that share new button packs, plugin features and updates. These Teal Form Buttons are an essential element for your WordPress forms. We offer each new pack at no cost for the first 7 days and we welcome requests and ideas for new designs and styles.

New Button Pack: Teal Form Buttons

This set includes 27 buttons with white text in the Quicksand font and font awesome icons. Convince your customers to submit, continue, upload and more! Did you know there are over 780 font awesome icons built right into the MaxButtons Pro plugin? If you’d like to change out the arrow, you can easily add any other icon from the collection.



As with almost every button pack offered by MaxButtons Pro, this set is fully editable. You can add different icons, change the colors, choose a different font, make it transparent and more.

WordPress Button Love

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If you missed it, this was the new pack we released last week:

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