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MaxButtons Pro Version 3 is Here!

Early last week we soft launched the newest version of our WordPress button plugin MaxButtons Pro.  We are very excited about this new release for a number of reasons.  First while on the outside it mostly looks like the old MaxButtons Pro underneath the covers it is the first complete from scratch rewrite of MaxButtons […]

Add Font Awesome icons to your WordPress site

You can use MaxButtons PRO to create professional looking buttons. It’s very simple to add one of the beautiful Font Awesome Icons to a button to give it that extra kick. Open the button Editor by going to MaxButtons PRO – Add New . Scroll down to the Icon section Click to select an icon. […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: 20 Big Red Social Buttons

These big and bright red buttons with black social and app icons are a great way to add clickable links on your site. To add a pop of color, red is the best way to catch someone’s attention. Complete your site or blog with social media buttons that work with your current WordPress theme. Includes […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: 24 Transparent Round Social Buttons

At first glance, these buttons don’t look like much, but they are an excellent way to feature your social links on the bottom of your page. We’ve used a transparent background, so the color of your page will show through creating a custom look and feel. Simple black social media icons with a thin gray […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: 36 Neon Sale Buttons

Promote a sale or promotion on your WordPress site with this set of neon colored buttons created specifically for sales. Featuring neon pink, neon green and neon blue colors with a multitude of text and icon options including: Save Now, Save 10%, Add to Cart, Free Shipping, Buy 2 Get 1 Free, New Products, Promotion […]

MaxButtons Pro 2.6 – Now With Font Awesome!

We’re very excited to announce that last night we released MaxButtons Pro 2.6, which now includes integration with Font Awesome. We know that a lot of you love Font Awesome as much as we do, so we’ve created the easiest method of creating WordPress Font Awesome buttons. No more need to remember icon values, just […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: 60 Square Number Buttons

We’ve got a new button pack to start the week off right! Easily list steps in order with this great set of square number buttons including 1-10 in six different colors: blue, green, purple, pink, orange and teal. There are a lot of ways to use these and you can even add icons instead of numbers […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: 12 Read More Buttons

Lead visitors to your site to read more of an article with these large colorful buttons with round white arrow icons. Perfect for a blog or product information site where you need to display more text and information on another page. These read more buttons work great as call-to-action buttons for your landing page! To […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: 15 Tall Social Buttons

Make your social link buttons stand out with this set of chic yet colorful tall social media buttons. Includes 15 of your favourite apps and sites including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, Flickr, Digg and more. The original state for each is gray text and gray border, but in the hover state, both change to […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: 16 Add Your Own Text Buttons

Let your creativity run free with this fun palette of color, icons and buttons! We’ve got you started with buttons in 4 colors and 4 shades for each plus white outlined icons that illustrate common web actions like add, remove, print, send, download and more! It’s up to you to add whatever text you need […]

MaxButtons 2.5.0 and 1.24.0

Early this morning we released an update for both versions of MaxButtons that will give you another quick way to copy a gradient you’ve already made and invert it to give a good-looking hover state to your buttons with minimal effort. If you have issues with the update feel free to let us know in […]

MaxButtons Pro Pack Updates

This note is to let all of you wonderful folks know that we will no longer be including our latest weekly pack in This Week In WordPress as we have previously. Instead all of our updates will come through either Facebook or Twitter, so be sure to give us a follow or a like to […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: 42 Love Buttons

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we’ve created a set of buttons that celebrates LOVE! The world can always use more love and this set is packed full of 42 buttons with lots of love. Beautiful shades of pink and 3 main categories including e-commerce, social media sites and sharing buttons. Check out all the buttons […]

MaxButtons 1.21 and 2.3.5

This past week we updated both MaxButtons and MaxButtons Pro after being informed there was a possible vulnerability (there were no confirmed breaches, simply a test), so we acted as quickly as we could to make sure we patched up the holes. You won’t see much of a difference on you end unless you are […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: 24 Press Me Flat Buttons

Take the guesswork out of selecting the perfect color for your site! This set include 6 great colors with 4 different button formats to choose from and we think you can’t go wrong with any of them. Cool gray, look at me blue, go green, bold red, hello orange and creative purple – add some […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Arrow Action Buttons

Here is a great set of basic call-to-action buttons offered in 3 colors: red, blue and gray with dark and light icons of 4 arrow directions: up, down, left and right. These buttons will help direct visitors to your website or blog and show them what to do and where to go. To request a […]

New Year, New WordPress Buttons!

Happy New Year Max Fans! A new year means even more buttons for you and all of your WordPress blogs and sites. Below is our first new pack of the year with many more to follow! These buttons were inspired by cold winter temperatures but we think they would look great on any site! Cool […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Orange Arrow Buttons

The web is such an easy place to get lost, so we’ve created this great set of bright orange buttons with arrows that will help lead your visitors in the right direction. Use them as is or add your own text and change the color to fully customize! To request a theme or style for […]

MaxButtons Pro 2.3.1 Update Released

The latest version of MaxButtons Pro (2.3.1) was released this weekend so be sure to update your plugin to take full advantage of the changes. “What changes this time?” you may be asking. We had some requests for more Google Web Fonts so we added them in by using the requests and some of the […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Checkmark Action Buttons

This set of 15 colorful call-to-action buttons includes round icons with white checkmarks that match the text color used for each. Barely there borders and two lines of text offer a great design that will work for many different uses. Some of the buttons included are Add to My Cart, Try Free Demo, Sign Up […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Opaque Social Buttons

The most recent version of MaxButtons Pro now offers the ability to change the opacity of the buttons. This set is not white, they are actually see through so that your sites background color will show through. Download today and check out this new feature! We’ve included 30 commonly used social media sites and other […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Go Green Buttons

These 18 common web buttons are green with style, not envy! Encourage visitors on your site to navigate your pages with buttons for promotions, more info, free demo and more. Some of the new WordPress buttons included are free demo, add to cart, promotions, live chat, checkout and more! Don’t forget about our best deal, […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: 15 Social Shape Buttons

Here are 5 of the most commonly used social media sites offered in 3 formats including large colorful, small colorful and small black and white. With a unique shape and fun border, these buttons are a great way to attract visitors to your social platforms. Don’t forget about our best deal, the All-In-One package, which […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: 22 Metro Chic Buttons

This pack of WordPress buttons includes 22 of the most commonly used round icons for websites and blogs such as add to cart, schedule, subscribe, Twitter, LinkedIn Facebook and more in a neutral beige color that will fit well with any color scheme. Don’t forget about our best deal, the All-In-One package, which gets you […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: 20 Flat Page Buttons

Clean white buttons with colorful flat icons for calendar, photos, cloud, remove, settings, edit, start, details, events and video. This pack includes 10 icon + text icons and 10 icon only buttons. Don’t forget about our best deal, the All-In-One package, which gets you everything we have for only $99. This includes the MaxButtons Pro plugin, […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: 24 UI Buttons

Our new colorful pack of UI Buttons attracts visitors to your site and allows them to find exactly what they are looking for with a larger layout and white icons with text. This button pack has 3 different colors of buttons including: Add to Cart, Talk to Us, Directions, Like This, Send Message, Contact Us, […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: 42 Round Social Icon Buttons

Follow the rainbow with this colorful pack of social media buttons including Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube in 7 color choices. Don’t forget about our best deal, the All-In-One package, which gets you everything we have for only $99. This includes the MaxButtons Pro plugin, the 120 current button packs, and all new […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Wooden Icon Buttons

This pack of WordPress buttons includes 20 natural wooden themed icons and text suitable for blogs and websites related to crafts, projects and hobbies. Buttons are included for: colors, design, prints, images, projects, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more. Don’t forget about our best deal, the All-In-One package, which gets you everything we have for only […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Electric Blue Buttons

These electric blue buttons include great icons with fun text and offer a bold look for your website. Some of the buttons included are add photo, more info, help me, download, message and more! Don’t forget about our best deal, the All-In-One package, which gets you everything we have for only $99. This includes the MaxButtons […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Circle Social Buttons

This new CSS3 pack combines round white social icons with a fun font resulting in cool social media buttons on blue and dark gray buttons. Icons included: Behance, Dribble, Facebook, Forrst, Google+, LinkedIn, Skype, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo and YouTube. Don’t forget about our best deal, the All-In-One package, which gets you everything we have for […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Orange Action Buttons

Happy Friday! This call-to-action pack includes 24 CTA buttons perfect for any website landing page. With a bold orange color, convince visitors to your website to take action with a buy now button, free quote button, new account button and many more! Checkout these Orange Action Buttons: Don’t forget about our best deal, the All-In-One package, […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Flat Social Buttons

These 18 social media flat icons were created by Pierre Borodin and they result in unique buttons that will connect users with various social media sites. The social media sites, platforms, and companies represented are Behance, Dribble, Email, Facebook, Forrst, Google+, Heart, Instagram,, LinkedIn, Picasa, Pinterest, RSS, Skype, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo and YouTube. Don’t […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Mini Blue Buttons

These stylish buttons with a slim shape are a great addition to any site with dark blue text and icons on a lighter blue background. With buttons for more info, directions, donate, message and more this pack has all your website needs covered. Don’t forget about our best deal, the All-In-One package, which gets you […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Cloud Buttons

You can’t go wrong with simple white buttons and fun icons on any site! This 28-button pack includes everything from shopping cart buttons to media and restaurant themed buttons. Remember, you can use each button in this button pack as they are, or you can use them as a starting point and customize to fit your […]