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Add Font Awesome icons to your WordPress site

You can use MaxButtons PRO to create professional looking buttons. It’s very simple to add one of the beautiful Font Awesome Icons to a button to give it that extra kick.

Open the button Editor by going to MaxButtons PRO – Add New . Scroll down to the Icon section

Select an Icon

Click to select an icon. The selection window will open. You can scroll through the icon, show them by category and even search by name. This allows you to quickly find the icon you are looking for. Select the icon you wish just by clicking on it. The icon will now be applied to the button.

Font Awesome Window

And you are already done! The icon will show in the Preview window. You can change the icon size, position and color as you see fit. This allows you to customize the icon completely to your needs.

Icon Selected Preview Window

If you are not using MaxButtons PRO just yet, now is a wonderful time to start. Check out our pricing and get going today.