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MaxButtons Pro 3.04

Have you received an update notice for MaxButtons Pro? Some folks haven’t.  You’ll want to update it manually if you haven’t.  Here’s a post on how to do that if you need help.

MaxButtons Pro 3.04 now includes sweet Button section layout improvements. Pagination and button caching also makes this section must faster. It’ll be hard not to notice how much cleaner the layout is.  We like it.  Also buttons that are too big for the screen are now partially hidden.  Large buttons were causing some functional issues.

For the first time we are now sending out annual renewal notices for your license to receive updates and support.  MaxButtons Pro is a 12 month license and we appreciate your continuing support.

We are working on a series of Buy buttons.  When we’re done there will be 15-20 packs of them.  All of them are included in your Every Button We’ve Got package.  You’ll see them in your account as they are posted.  We are always interested in hearing your ideas or needs about button packs.  Just email us.