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MaxButtons Pro Version 3 is Here!

Early last week we soft launched the newest version of our WordPress button plugin MaxButtons Pro.  We are very excited about this new release for a number of reasons.  First while on the outside it mostly looks like the old MaxButtons Pro underneath the covers it is the first complete from scratch rewrite of MaxButtons Pro in 2 years.  Next, this rewrite will make it easier to maintain MaxButtons Pro but just as important it will make adding new features considerably easier.

How you can have a Smooth Upgrade

So PHP 5.3 is required for MaxButtons Pro Version 3.  Please! check out what PHP version you are running before just hitting Upgrade.  Second sometimes the WordPress updater decides not to deactivate-reactivate the plugin on installation.  Try Deactivating and Reactivating the plugin if you run into an issue.  If that doesn’t work then ping us in the support forums and we’ll get you straightened out.  Sometimes when there is an issue you where won’t see your buttons in the plugin.  Relax they are there.  Just ping us and we will get you going.

Responsive Options

With Version 3 we are starting to add options so that your buttons can appear well on desktops, tablets and smartphones. It is now possible to add responsive media queries to your buttons. You can select a screen format or define your own custom breakpoints to change the size of your buttons on any screen to make sure they look perfect.

Check out the responsive options and give them a try.  We’ll send out more information on this shortly.

New Site and an In the Cart SALE!

While we are really pleased with our new site what we think you’ll appreciate most besides its good looks is ease of purchasing and the new Account section.  Everything you need is included in the Account section.  Aside from a link to download the plugin and the license key there are both preview and full views of your buttons packs along with download links for the packs.  We think it’s pretty swell.

So we’re not big fans of SALES! because with it come SALES! emails. Also we feel the same way about coupons.  That’s why we don’t even remember when our last SALE was.  So we’re running an In The Cart SALE on both MaxButtons Pro and our Every Button We’ve Got package.

You’ll see the great prices in your cart when purchasing.  No coupons needed.  MaxButtons Pro is $19 versus $24 sometime next month.  Our Every Button We’ve Got package is $60 till then too.  As one of our customers said about our button pack offer “Why wouldn’t I buy that?”  Here’s a link to get our stuff!


And just a word of thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years.  We think what we have planned for MaxButtons over the next few months is incredibly exciting and we’re looking forward to sharing the ride with you.