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MaxButtons Pro 2.6 – Now With Font Awesome!

We’re very excited to announce that last night we released MaxButtons Pro 2.6, which now includes integration with Font Awesome. We know that a lot of you love Font Awesome as much as we do, so we’ve created the easiest method of creating WordPress Font Awesome buttons.

No more need to remember icon values, just select your icon from the list and it’s in your button. No extra button shortcode necessary, just use the standard shortcode and plop it into your post, page or widget. No need to worry about speed, we’ve incorporated the Font Awesome Bootstrap CDN to serve up your icons.

MaxButtons Pro and Font Awesome

Another nice perk about Font Awesome being embedded in MaxButtons Pro is that instead of having to upload an icon that you’ve scaled down yourself, you can now choose from over 400 different icons in the Font Awesome library. Just select the icon, the positioning and adjust the icon size and you now have yourself a nice button with an icon that scales well.

Font Awesome is the largest and most widely used icon font on the web and we’re thrilled to be able to incorporate the full set into our plugin.

This is a big release, so be sure to deactivate and reactivate the plugin once it is installed. If not, you won’t be able to save your changes. This is a common mistake when new releases come out, so if you are having trouble, try that first. If you still have problems feel free to get after us in our forum.

Haven’t bought MaxButtons Pro yet? Get it now and start using Font Awesome icons today!