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MaxButtons Pro 2.3.1 Update Released

The latest version of MaxButtons Pro (2.3.1) was released this weekend so be sure to update your plugin to take full advantage of the changes. “What changes this time?” you may be asking. We had some requests for more Google Web Fonts so we added them in by using the requests and some of the top trending fonts. The full list is below along with and image of a free pack we’ve released utilizing all 12 of the new fonts.

New Fonts: Bigelow Rules, Cherry Swash, Courgette, Devonshire, Grand Hotel, Lily Script One, Karla, Montserrat, Noto Sans, Questrial, Special Elite, Tangerine

Download the pack here

If you’ve got Google Fonts you’d like to see in a future update, let us know and we’ll work them in.

Just a recap of the updates before that:

2.3 – Added shortcut links in Colors section for enhanced usability and updated the shortcode so that it doesn’t render the HREF or the hover colors when button URL is empty.
2.2 – Added gradient and opacity options and changed the button output window so that the button isn’t clickable.

As always feel free to contact us on the forums if you have any questions regarding MaxButtons Pro.