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New WordPress Buttons Pack: Metal Buttons

Icons? Check. Crisp White Text? Check. This 24-pack of buttons features a metallic theme and two formats of buttons including send email, add this, message, directions, add photo, search site and more! Remember, you can use each button in this button pack as they are, or you can use them as a starting point and customize […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Medical Buttons

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but you don’t eat a lot of apples, this new button pack may help! Medical Buttons includes 10 unique medical icons such as a stethoscope, a medical bag, and a prescription bottle. All icons are featured on both a gray and blue background. You can edit […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: White Action Buttons

Good morning MaxButtons fans! Today we have released a new call-to-action button pack called White Action Buttons. This new pack includes 15 big CTA buttons perfect for any website landing page. With a simple white design, convince visitors to your website to take action with an add to my cart button, send a message button, login […]

MaxButtons Pro Version 2.0 Is Here

A couple days ago we released version 2.0 of MaxButtons Pro and there are some significant changes in this version that existing customers need to know about, primarily centered around license activation and automatic updates. Continue reading for all the details.

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Tropical Action Buttons

Check out these 32 fun and colorful buttons to encourage visitors to act on your website or blog. Some of the buttons included are: donate now, new account, place order, promotions and free trial. Tropical colors combined with gray icons and text pair to create a great set of call-to-action buttons ready to use on […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Happy Mother’s Day Buttons

Freebie Alert! We’ve got a pretty new pack of buttons for your website or blog and we’re happy to announce that you can download them for free. Add a little love for the Mom’s this Sunday with this 6-button pack that includes bright colored buttons and pretty icons. Included are icons for 3 gift boxes, flowers, […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Monochrome Web Buttons

Take a look at these sharp looking light gray icons on sleek dark gray buttons that offer a professional look to any site. This pack includes 18 classy looking buttons including: Get a Free Quote, Search This Site, Secure Payment, Send Email, Submit a Photo and more! Did you know that we now have over […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Feliz Cinco De Mayo Buttons

Freebie Alert! We’ve got a fun new pack of buttons for you and we’re happy to announce that you can download them for free. This pack of 6 Cinco De Mayo buttons is great way to celebrate on May 5 for your website or blog. Each button includes a cute birdie themed icon and cursive […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Black Action Buttons

Here is a great set of call-to-action buttons that work well with a sleek monochrome theme. Designed to complement dark colored sites, Black Action Buttons includes buttons for book appointment, add to my cart, free download, ask a questions, subscribe now, get more info, new promotion and more. Get visitors to your site to act […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Rainbow Download Buttons

Yesterday we released a new button pack called Rainbow Download Buttons that includes over 30 different styles of buttons to allow visitors to download on your website or blog. With 7 colors, 5 icons and font styles to choose from, there is a button suitable for almost every site. Did you know that we now […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Navy Buttons

These sharp navy blue buttons include large white icons with easy to read text and give a streamlined look for your website. Some of the actions included are view clip, unlock, start now, compare, accept, message, book now and more. Is there a button pack theme you’d like to see created? Let us know! Remember, […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Red Check Social Buttons

These 18 social media buttons feature a white layout with round red icons and red text with a fun font. The social media sites and platforms represented are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Tumblr, Flickr, RSS, LinkedIn and Instagram. For each icon, there is an icon only and icon plus text button. Remember, you can […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Skinny Colorful Buttons

Hi there! This colorful pack of web buttons features a total of 25 buttons with mini black icons and simple text. Some of the buttons include: Download, Start Here, Facebook, Twitter, Subscribe, Print Page and more! Remember, you can use each button in this button pack as they are, or you can use them as a […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Lilac Buttons

Good morning! Are you looking for pretty purple buttons for your website or blog? Lilac buttons are a lovely option for website actions such as Shop Now!, Send Message, Like This, Free Trial, Comment, Login, My Account and more! Spring is in the air and the smell of lilacs will be here soon. Have a […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Courtyard Green Buttons

These lovely green buttons include a long rectangular shape with white icons and text. Some of the buttons included are “Send Message”, “Request Info”, “Photo Gallery” and “Get Directions”. These friendly green buttons will work well on any website or blog. Take a look at Courtyard Green Buttons! Like all of our WordPress buttons packs Courtyard Green Buttons […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Colored Sticker Buttons

This colorful pack of web buttons includes common actions for email us, save now, print page, view cart as well as standard buttons for directions, store hours, gallery and account. Featuring 6 bright and fun colors with 4 buttons in each. Take a look at Colored Sticker Buttons! Like all of our WordPress buttons packs Colored Sticker […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Colorful Essential Buttons

Fun and unique, Colorful Essential Buttons includes buttons for a variety of actions including submit your ideas, chat live now, send message, start my free trial, request information, buy this item and more! Like all of our WordPress buttons packs Colorful Essential Buttons is just $5. Don’t forget to check out the All-In-One package, which gets you everything […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Polished Gray Buttons

This all-purpose pack includes a little bit of everything. There are buttons for social media including Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. There are buttons for e-commerce including view cart, add and checkout. There are general web buttons including home, back and submit. We’ve made it easy for you to have great looking buttons on every page […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Neutral Web Buttons

Are you ready for it? Neutral Web Buttons is our biggest button pack yet and the buttons are designed to work with any website or blog. Grayscale buttons with dark icons and white text are an attractive addition to any site theme. Twenty of the buttons includes icons as well as text and there are […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Social Paint Buttons

These 15 social media icons were inspired by and combine with fun text and colors to make unique buttons that will connect users with various social outlets including Blogger, Email, Etsy, Facebook, Flickr, Google Reads, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, RSS, Skype, Tumblr, Twitter and YouTube. Remember, you can use each button in this […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: 50 Shades of Action Buttons

These action buttons are modern, direct and stylish. Encourage vistors on your site to take action with “Add to Cart”, “Download”, “Sign Up Now”, “Free Trial”, “More Info” and “Checkout” in various shades of grey. Shown below are all buttons included with 50 Shades of Action Buttons. Remember, you can use each button in this button […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Bold Call-to-Action Buttons

Today we are releasing a bold, bright and fun set of call-to-action buttons! Encourage vistors on your site to take action with “Add to Cart”, “Download”, “Register Now!”, “Free Quote”, “Start Demo” or your own “Call to Action” in 5 bright color options. Enjoy this pack of Bold Call-to-Action Buttons! Like all of our WordPress buttons packs Bold […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Glow Social Buttons

Surprise! We have another set of buttons to share with you today. Fun and colorful, Glow Social Buttons includes rounded buttons for social media as well as e-commerce! Green, Blue, Orange and Teal buttons combined with white icons and text make this set a great choice for any website or blog. Like all of our WordPress […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Soft Social Buttons

If your website or blog theme includes pastel colors, this pack is a perfect way to display your social media links. Icons are included for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google Plus, Etsy, Flickr, Email, Good Reads, RSS and Tumblr. There is an icon plus text and an icon only version for each, with 22 CSS3 […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Stride Buttons

Today we’d love to share with you; Stride Buttons, our newest pack of WordPress Buttons, that was created with e-commerce websites in mind. Fun colors, easy to read text in all capitals and unique icons have been combined to make fantastic buttons that will encourage shopping on your site. Enjoy! Like all of our WordPress buttons packs Stride […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Gray Social Buttons

For  a minimalistic way to share links to social media and popular apps on your website or blog, Gray Social Buttons is a great fit! Including 20 monochromatic buttons with 10 icons offered in icon + text and icon only format. Share your social media presence with buttons for Facebook, Behance, Blogger, Flickr, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Blue Sky Buttons

If you are going for a unique look, these sleek icons combined with a pale blue layout and dark text are a success that will look great on any site. Blue Sky Buttons include rectangular buttons with icons for checkout, comment, suggest, calendar, photos, attach, schedule, password, like this, directions, contact, media, search, settings, bookmark, buy this, […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Colored Text Buttons

Sometimes the basic essentials are all you need. If you’re looking for simple shapes, fun colors and easy to read text, check out our newest button pack: Colored Text Buttons. This 16-pack of colorful buttons covers all the basics with 4 shapes: rectangles, squares, circles and petals as well as 4 color options: purple, blue, […]

What Is CSS3?

Update: Opera no longer uses the -o- prefix since their switch to -webkit- in Feb 2013 CSS3 buttons can improve the look of your button with border-radius, box-shadow, text-shadow and other CSS3 effects. All it takes is a little bit of CSS knowledge and an awareness of browser prefixes. MaxButtons handles all of the CSS3 […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Blue Business Buttons

This vibrant pack has a rich blue color with white text and icons. Common business buttons for portfolio, contact, projects, bookmark, calendar, talk to us, accept, hours, browse, settings, password, links, view clip, gallery, tools and our team are included on a wonderful blue backdrop. Like all of our WordPress buttons packs Blue Business Buttons is just […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Sweet Gem Buttons

Say hello to our biggest pack yet! Sweet Gem Buttons is an all purpose pink button pack which includes 42 commonly used buttons for social media, e-commerce and everyday actions. Add style to your site with buttons for add to cart, settings, download, photos, Twitter, bookmark, login and more! Like all of our WordPress buttons packs Sweet Gem […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Shopping Cart Green

E-commerce sites generally use a number of call to action buttons, but the most widely-used one is the “add to cart” button. Green occupies more space in the spectrum visible to the human eye than most colors, and is second only to blue as a favorite color. This 24-pack of Shopping Cart Green WordPress buttons will enhance the […]

MaxButtons and Internet Explorer

In the year since MaxButtons has been out, we’ve seen it continue to take somewhat of a foothold in the WordPress ecosystem. The free version has been downloaded over 40,000 times, the Pro version continues to sell each month, and the button packs have been a big hit. However, one issue has eaten at us […]

MaxButtons Update: New Advanced Options

Last night we pushed out an update to both the free and Pro versions of MaxButtons, which contains a couple overdue issues we’ve been trying to get done for awhile now. Here’s the details on each item in this update.