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Having your Shortcake (Plugin)

Our latest version of MaxButtons and MaxButtons Pro shipped with an integration of the Shortcake plugin.  What the Shortcake plugin allows you to do is see your shortcode in your editor as it will appear on the page. While [shortcode id=”xx”] seems groovy to use and to a lot of experienced programmers it is, we think seeing the actual WordPress button that you have designed in your editor is a lot better.

img class=”alignnone” src=”×143.png” alt=”Screen Shot 2016-01-20 at 4.10.55 PM” width=”472″ height=”225″ />

We think the team that has brought you Shortcake, Fusion Media Network, must be thinking the same way. Fusion is a bunch of folks deeply involved in taking WordPress to the next level.  We can understand why Shortcake’s builders are working to have it included in the WordPress core.

Many WordPress users are new to the platform or can not program.  Using Shortcodes can be a leap of faith.  But by allowing writers to see what their shortcodes will look like in stream reduces a friction point in getting what you want out of WordPress. Just the simple process of reviewing what your shortcodes convert to is eliminated.  And that’s one of a thousand points of delight that will happen on the road to making WordPress more accessible for everyone.

So fire up Shortcake today.  We think you’ll like it when using MaxButtons Pro!