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Free Blue Mini UI Pack

We would like to thank the several people who reached out to talk with us about pricing by replying to last weeks’ email. We were very glad to hear that folks are pleased with WordPress button plugin MaxButtons Pro and our continuing improvements we are making. It was good to get to speak with some of you who have deployed MaxButtons Pro on a large number of sites and hear how you are using it. And talking about pricing with you is always helpful.

Last week we spoke about having per site pricing when we really should have said tiered pricing.  This would be different than our current unlimited sites licensing for $19 we have now. What we have in mind in something on the order of:

  • $19 for up to 3 sites
  • $29 for up to 10 sites
  • $49 for up to 25 sites
  • $79 for unlimited sites

Our thought is to have good value for the individual purchaser while keeping the price very attractive for our largest customers.  All of the feedback was this is a fair and reasonable pricing plan.

The other thing that we think should come with this new plan is a better licensing system.  We are making good progress to deliver you a system where the license keys no longer need to be changed annually that you can renew your licenses at any time and receive an extension from your current expiration date.  Because replacing license keys is not really very fun and renewing your license should be simpler than it is now.

The other item that people mentioned is that we should offer a break to our current customers when we roll out the new plan. We have a good chuckle at how universal that request was and that we would ask the same thing ourselves. Of course that is also part of the plan.

Once we have built the new licensing system and before we put the tiered pricing in place we’ll invite all of you to renew your current licenses for a year. So that will lock you in for another 12 months past your current expiration date.  And that too was received well by the folks who emailed us.

You are always welcome to hit reply and give us feedback on this or anything else related to MaxButtons. We are also very interested in what you are using for social share on your site if you are not using our features. And if you are using our social share features please tell us what you think of them.

For reading through all of this you deserve a new free WordPress button pack.  Nicole worked up these fine looking Blue Mini UI buttons.  You can download them free or from your Account page for the next week.
WordPress Buttons

Lots of new stuff next week.

The Max Foundry team

Bob, Bas, Alan and Nicole