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Revisiting the Button Editor

It has been more than two years since we have taken a look at the layout of our button editor. From the ratings we receive we know how much people like MaxButtons Pro as it is now.  But in our minds we have wanted to upgrade your ability to put great buttons up very faster in the top portion of the button editor, in the Basics section.  We think a better layout will serve well both the novices and the hard core pros that use MaxButtons.

We see this interface and the rest of the layout and design of MaxButtons Pro as something we will be working on quite a bit over the rest of the year. Interfaces are the heart and soul of software design and with over 60,000 people using various forms of MaxButtons we are working to be careful with the changes we make.  Careful to make the Basics section more powerful and relevant, easy to understand, use and to minimize scrolling.  Having 80% of what you need when you want to create a button as the first things you can alter.  But still all the options and power that you have figured out makes MaxButtons Pro such a great plugin.

So what you see below is what we are going to roll out over the next several weeks.  The team here has been throwing around ideas and formats on this for weeks.  Something as simple as a description field can take a lot of time to figure out and for some interesting discussons. Do people use it or not?  Where should it be and how large?  We try to balance a lot of different things. Over the next week we’ll be wrestling with putting font awesome icons and some border options into the Basics section too.

We always appreciate your feedback.  So just hit reply to this email and start typing if you would like to contribute.

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 5.29.10 AM

Free Icons

So we have been adding new free icons to our massive assortment on our free icons page.  With almost 300 sets and over 36,000 icons it’s massive. And this month when we add our next button page we will pass 5,000 buttons in our over 230 button packs. Here are some of the icons we have posted this week.  Let us know if you like having them in our updates.  You can also see them on our twitter handle at @MaxButtonsPro.



Music Media Icons


Trendy Vector Icons


Coffee Icons

coffee icons

Big things coming in April.

The Max Foundry team