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New Button Editor

Yesterday we released Version 4.22 of MaxButtons Pro which includes a significant refresh of the basic section of the button editor. We think this is a nice improvement to getting buttons designed even faster and easier. Planning on creating new buttons soon or are curious about the UI magic we have have performed on MaxButtons Pro you should update it in your dashboard or download it from your Account page.

We have a couple smaller tweaks on the button editor coming next week and then we will be spending a bit of time on social share which you can find under the social share tab. In the meantime we will also be working on a new product that we can not tell you about and reworking our licensing system.

Using MaxButtons on more than 5 sites? Please email us by simply hitting reply to this email!  We know a few of you out there use it on more than 20 accounts and you should definitely email us. We are looking into issues related to running MaxButtons Pro on multiple sites.

And if you have not checked out @MaxFoundry or the Max Foundry site we post daily what we think are the best WordPress design and development stories.