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WordPress Button Plugin


The easiest and most productive way to insert buttons on a WordPress site is to use a WordPress button plugin.  MaxButtons Pro is the premium version of MaxButtons one of the most popular WordPress button generators. With over 50,000 active users MaxButtons is the most used WordPress button plugin.

When looking at different WordPress button plugins it can be helpful to make sure that they are able to make buttons that are responsive given the visitor to your site’s device.  Having a WordPress button that looks great on your desktop but does not look right on a tablet or mobile device means lost visitors and customers.  Additionally, the best buttons plugins like MaxButtons Pro create buttons that are compliant with CSS3.  MaxButtons Pro is a CSS3 button generator and has been since it was first created.

There are a host of reasons that make the MaxButtons Pro more than worth its purchase price even for experienced developers:

  • Icon Support – Put icons to the left, right, top, or bottom of your text.
  • Multi-line text – To add a second line of text for communicating extra information.
  • Google Fonts – To make your buttons stand out with beautiful typography.
  • Button Packs – Be more productive through the use of our value priced, ready-made button sets.
  • Google Analytics Event Tracking for WordPress Buttons- The best way to see you users interactions with buttons in Google Analytics. No coding needed.
  • Import/Export – Useful for backing up and/or moving your buttons. Also, use any of the great free icons listed on our site.
  • Button Search – for easier management of large button sets.
  • Font Awesome – easiest WordPress integration

Other important features are the ability to add icons to your buttons along with being able to design the button to look just like you want it too.

MaxButtons Pro allows you to purchase WordPress button packs.  These professionally designed, production ready buttons can save you time as a starting point to get the button you like or save you money through not needed design skills to make the button you want.  Here is a video describing how to use MaxButton Pro to build a WordPress button for your site.