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New WordPress Buttons Pack: Black Chrome Buttons

If you’re looking for a simple black and white design for your website buttons, these Black Chrome buttons may be a great fit! Included are icon only and icon plus text buttons for: Contact, Photos, Details, Watch, Location, Browse, Start, Listen, More and Options.

WordPress Buttons Pack - Black Chrome Buttons

Like all of our WordPress buttons packs the Black Chrome Button Pack is just $5. Max Foundry releases at least 2 new button packs per week and we have a promotion right now offering all of our button packs including everything released for one year. Check out the $100 All-in-One Package and save big!

Like these icons and css3 buttons? They were created with MaxButtons Pro, a CSS3 button generator for WordPress Buttons. Stay up-to-date with daily releases by subscribing to our feed. We hope you enjoy these Black Chrome Buttons!