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MaxButtons Pro: Everything we have for $100

So over the last year we’ve been consistently producing professionally designed button packs to use with MaxButtons Pro. It’s always been our plan that aside from being able to create your own fabulous WordPress buttons you should also be able to save yourself gobs of time by simply buying sets of buttons to use or modify as additional way to be more productive.

So we’ve built over 60 stunning WordPress button packs as of this time with over 1,300 buttons that work with MaxButtons Pro. And you’ve responded by buying thousands of button packs. So then we offered 10 button packs for $25 and you bought even more. So now we’ve offering a 1 year subscription for $100 that let’s you get access not only to every WordPress button pack we have but also every pack we put out over the next year. This package includes a copy of MaxButtons Pro.  It’s 70% off buying all of the pieces separately.

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