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MaxButtons Pro Mobile Interface Updates


Last week we released MaxButtons Pro version 5.11 which included updates that make it easier to use MaxButtons Pro on mobile devices down to 640 pixels in width.

Now we know that most of you only work on your site at a desktop machine, but in talking with a large hosting provider they requested that we offer a better platform on mobile devices.

At first we scratched our heads at this request. Then we went about fixing it.

MaxButtons Pro functioned on a mobile device but some of the layout needed to be fixed. So we spent the last couple weeks going through all of the sections of MaxButtons Pro so that everything formatted well on most mobile devices. The last installment of these changes was delivered in MaxButtons Pro version 5.11.

Since you have a 1 out of 3 chance of reading this email on a mobile device, why not update MaxButtons Pro in your plugin admin section and take a look. See something we missed? Just hit reply to this email and send us a screenshot!

Beaver Builder and Easy Digital Downloads Integrations

MaxButtons Pro now includes our full integration with Easy Digital Downloads to use on Purchase and Checkout buttons. These are the two of the most important e-commerce call to action touch points on your Easy Digital Downloads site.

We also now have a full integration with Beaver Builder page builder!

You can upgrade MaxButtons Pro in the Plugins section of your site or by downloading the latest version from your Account page.

Other integrations include Visual Composer for WordPress, Site Origin Page Builder, Font Awesome Icons, Google Fonts and Google Analytics Event Tracking.