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Visual Composer for WordPress

Today we released Version 4.17 of MaxButtons and MaxButtons Pro. We highly recommend that you download the latest version of MaxButtons Pro from your Account page on the MaxButtons Pro site or update it the plugin dashboard if you are using Version 4.10 or later.

Version 4.17 of MaxButtons Pro contains our integration with Visual Composer for WordPress page builder!

In addition to this major extension of MaxButtons Pro we replaced the code we use for popup messaging when you click a button in the plugin like a delete button or when accessing a font awesome icon.  We also did some nifty javascript library stuff and a bit of work on the library we use for the font manager.

Visual Composer for WordPress Integration

When we rewrote MaxButtons and MaxButtons Pro last year it was partly so we could extend the power of our plugin outward to other plugins you might use.  With over 1 million sales a lot of WordPress users are using Visual Composer.  Between VC and our integration with Page Builder by Site Origin we now work very well with the two largest page builders in WordPress.

There’s nothing to adjust in order to get MaxButtons Pro to play nicely with Visual Composer.  We automatically detect if Visual Composer is installed and if so you will see MaxButtons Pro icon appear in the Add Element page of VC.  Just click on the icon and you can add any button you’ve built with MaxButtons onto the page that you are building.

Next week we will have a free button pack and hopefully a couple of new holiday button packs  to add to our collection.  We have noticed a lot of the free button packs being downloaded over the last couple weeks either through the free button packs category page or from your account.

Also if you do not see an icon you like in font awesome we have one of the largest free icon collections of links that we know for you to hopefully find exactly what you want.


The Max Foundry Team