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New WordPress Buttons: Social Text Buttons

social media buttons 2017With a new year, we’ve created a new set of social media icons that includes up and coming platforms like KIK, Patreon, Twitch, Periscope and more.

We’re gone with a modern, minimalistic look with light gray borders and text colors that corresponds with the social branding. In the preview image, the vine button is an example of the hover state when someone holds the cursor over the button.

This set includes some of the following apps and platforms:










and more!

As with almost every button pack offered by MaxButtons Pro, this set is fully editable. You can add icons, change the colors, update the text and more.

Download Social Text Buttons today to start using them on your site!

Here are some of the most recent packs we have released:

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We’ve also got a wonderful package available for those of you that would love to have access to all of our buttons. The ‘Every Button We’ve Got‘ package includes one year of access to our library of over 5,000 WordPress buttons that is growing bigger every week.