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New WordPress Buttons: Basic Buttons 6

Did you know that we now offer 6 different basic button packs for free with MaxButtons Pro? We are proud to release our newest freebie, Basic Buttons 6, which a great option for social media links on your WordPress site. Do you have a Facebook page? Just insert the button on any page or post and add your custom url to direct the visitor to your page in one click. We’ve included 6 popular social media icons for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Dribbble, Instagram and Google Plus. All of these buttons have a hover option where the colors of the text changes when someone holds a mouse over it.


This set is included with your purchase of MaxButtons Pro! Enjoy all of our free basic button sets and check back soon for more new sets.

Here are some of the most recent packs we have released:



We’ve also got a wonderful package available for those of you that would love to have access to all of our buttons. The ‘Every Button We’ve Got‘ package includes one year of access to our library of over 5,000 WordPress buttons that is growing bigger every week. If you’re considering purchasing this deal, act now to save more! We are offering a limited time offer just in time for the holidays.