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New WordPress Buttons: Black Social Buttons

We figured it was about time we created a new social media button set that features current popular sites and apps like Instagram and Snapchat. We kept it simple and solid with a black and white theme, but there are so many different styles that could be created with this set.

We’ve chosen to pair the google font ‘handlee’ in white which provides easy to read white text on the black background with white font awesome icons.

Included are 20 popular buttons for Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Digg, Github, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, PayPal, Share, YouTube, VK, Play, Skype,, Snapchat and Google+.

This pack will be featured as a free download for one week, so check it out while it lasts: Black Social Buttons. Below are the buttons included with this set and like most of our packs, there buttons are fully editable. You can change the font, colors, icons and more with MaxButtons Pro.

Black Social Buttons