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New WordPress Buttons: Basic Buttons 3

This new pack of WordPress buttons was created to show off one of the greatest features of MaxButtons Pro, our built in font awesome icons! Did you know we’ve made it easy to create great looking buttons right in the plugin? Simply select the icon, choose the size and color and you’re ready to go. Our basic buttons set includes 50 rectangular shaped buttons with various colors and icons. There are buttons for social media, website navigation, payment options and more!

WordPress buttons

This set is included with your purchase of MaxButtons Pro! Enjoy all of our free basic button sets and check back soon for more new sets.

Here are some of the most recent packs we have released:



We’ve also got a wonderful package available for those of you that would love to have access to all of our buttons. The ‘Every Button We’ve Got’ package includes one year of access to our library of over 5,000 WordPress buttons that is growing bigger every week.