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MaxButtons Pro Version 2.0 Is Here

A couple days ago we released version 2.0 of MaxButtons Pro and there are some significant changes in this version that existing customers need to know about, primarily centered around license activation and automatic updates. Continue reading for all the details.

Better Support for Automatic Updates

With the previous 1.9.1 release, we moved our auto-update code over to WP Updates, but as the weeks went on we realized we didn’t quite have everything in proper order. Those things have been taken care of now.

License Activation

Part of this improved auto-update process is the new License page, where you need to activate your license key in order to continue receiving updates for the plugin. Please read the “Important Next Steps” at the bottom of this post for details about activating your license key.

Changed Storage Location of Button Packs

Also related to the improved auto-update process, the button packs are now stored *outside* the main plugin folder in the WordPress uploads folder. So instead of being located here:


The button packs are now located here:


This ensures your button packs don’t get deleted with the new auto-update process. Please read the “Important Next Steps” at the bottom of this post for further details.

Changed Storage Location of Exports Folder

Same thing for the exports folder when exporting buttons. Instead of being located here:


It is now located here:


Just something to keep in mind if you’ve ever had to export buttons fro one site to another. Please read the “Important Next Steps” at the bottom of this post for further details.

New ‘exclude’ Parameter

We had a few requests to have the ability to exclude a button from specific posts/pages, so we obliged and added an “exclude” parameter to the shortcode. Simply give it a post ID (one or more) and the button won’t display on those pages.

Here’s an example of excluding a button from a single post, where it’s ID is 200:

[maxbutton id=”17” exclude=”200”]

And here’s how you can exclude multiple posts:

[maxbutton id=”17” exclude=”200,254,312”]

WP 3.4 Now Minimum Requirement

We also took this opportunity to replace a couple deprecated functions with more up-to-date ones, which means MaxButtons Pro now requires WordPress 3.4 as its minimum requirement.

Important Next Steps!

Now that you know what’s changed, here are some important steps to upgrade to v2.0:

1. Login to your account and download version 2.0 of MaxButtons Pro. The download link should be one of the first things you see when you login.

2. Deactivate your existing version of the plugin in your WordPress admin.

3. Upload the new version over top of your existing version.

4. Re-activate MaxButtons Pro. This ensures the new storage locations are created for the button packs and exports folders, and also moves any existing buttons packs to their new location.

5. Verify your button packs were migrated by going to Buttons > Packs. If any of them are not listed, simply reinstall them. This should be the only time you’ll have to do this.

6. Go back to your account and locate your license key. It should also be one of the first things you see in your account. Write it down or copy it.

7. In your WordPress admin, go to Buttons > License and enter the license key from your account and click the Activate button. After a moment you should see a message stating that your license has been activated.

8. Continue using MaxButtons Pro as you have been. From now on, you’ll see update notices in your WordPress admin just like any other normal plugin, and you can apply new updates straight from the dashboard.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but this is a worthwhile upgrade and we did our best to minimize the impact to you and your websites. As always, if you run into any issues, please post to the Support Forums where we’ll be more than happy to help.