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Font Awesome 4.5.0 Support

Version 4.13 included our new Basic Buttons button pack with 30 buttons you can use to get you up and running super fast.  We have enjoyed watching all of your downloads come through our system.  We hope you are enjoying it as much as we think it makes MaxButtons Pro easier.

Aside from Basic Buttons Version 4.13 also included an update to MaxButtons Pro to support the latest release of Font Awesome version 4.5.0.  You can read about this latest release.  This Font Awesome release adds 20 additional icons to the fully the supported set.  Here’s a helpful cheat sheet of all of them.

To use a Font Awesome icon go to the Icons and Images section of the Button Editor and check the Use Font Awesome box. Then select the icon you want to use and specify the rest of options you want to use with it.  It’s a simple as that.

MaxButtons Pro announced Font Awesome support way, way back in our version 2.6 over a year and a half ago!  We think it is a terrific way to add super nice icons to your buttons.

And now there are 20 more icons to use.

The Max Foundry team