Buttons for Downloading Files


Offering a download to your custom is fairly easy with MaxButtons. In the button editor there is a switch to mark an URL for download. You can find it on top under the basics section.

Quite often the browser will try to open links associated with certain file types. For instance, PDF files usually open directly in the browser. Sometimes you want however to tell the browser that the file really needs to be downloaded.

Browser Support

Note that MaxButtons can’t guarantee this will work on all browsers and devices. Browsers may ignore it for all or only for certain filetypes. The behavior can also be different if the file is on a different domain, since that might become a security issue. You can see current browser support here.

Download Name

You can give your download buttons a different filename. This will tell the browser to rename the file when downloading. As an example, a weekly menu is called menu-week2.pdf. You can give a download name of ‘menu.pdf’ , so that customers will get a nice looking filename on their computers.


It’s also possible to control it from the shortcode directly. The ‘is_download’ tag will take care of that.

maxbutton id=1 url='menu.pdf' is_download="true".

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