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The $100 All-In-One Package

Now that we have so many button packs, we’ve done something we’ve wanted to do for quite awhile now – offer you the opportunity to get everything we have for $100. We’re calling it the MaxButtons All-In-One package, and it’s an outrageous deal.

As of this writing, if you buy the MaxButtons Pro plugin and all 56 button packs, it would cost you $290. But with the All-In-One package, you get all of that, plus all new button packs for one year, for only $100. That’s an incredible 65% savings!

With the popularity of our 10 Packs for $25 deal, it was only a matter of time before we offered one price to simply get all the button stuff we have, and that time is now.

So to recap, here’s what you get with the MaxButtons All-In-One package:

  • The MaxButtons Pro plugin for WordPress
  • All current button packs (56 as of this writing)
  • All new button packs for 1 year (each new pack automatically shows up in your account)

We average 5-8 new button packs a month, which is an additional 60-100 button packs FOR FREE from the time you buy the All-In-One package to your 1 year end date. If you play it out, that comes to almost $800 in product, saving you an incredible 87% over the course of a year!

This truly is an unbelievable value, so if buttons is your thing (and who doesn’t need buttons?), get in on the action.