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New CSS3 Buttons: Monochrome Call-To-Action

Last week we gave you the Monochrome Social Media set, and today we’re following that up with Monochrome Call-To-Action, a great-looking set of CSS3 buttons in the familiar light and dark monochrome color scheme. This button pack has 24 buttons, 12 light and 12 dark, and was designed by our friend Nicole Farrell.

The buttons include icons and text (which can be changed of course) for the following: Buy Now, Download, Find Out More, Free Quote, Instant Access, Join Now!, Place Order, Plans & Pricing, Sign Up Now, Subscribe, Take a Tour, and Watch Video.


Here’s what Nicole had to say about designing these buttons:

This pack was designed for professional sites that have a monochrome and/or minimalist theme. Simple, clean buttons feature a simple icon and bold text that together creates buttons that encourages users to act. Your landing pages will be even more effective with this call-to-action button pack. Enjoy!

Like these icons and buttons? They were created with MaxButtons Pro, a CSS3 button generator for WordPress. Stay up-to-date with daily releases by subscribing to our feed.