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New Button Pack: Ignition

We plan on releasing A LOT of button packs here at MaxButtons, and we’re going to try and post about each and every one of them as we do. So to kick it off, the next button pack is Ignition.

Ignition is a set of 8 buttons that were inspired by the modern ignition buttons that you see in many of the new cars today. There’s a simplicity about that type of button that draws you in and just makes you want to push it. Check ‘em out:


It’s almost as if you can hear the exhaust from the car fire up 🙂

The hover over effect for each of these buttons is pretty sweet, as each button gets darker, but the text has a glowing effect. Very cool, very sharp.

So grab the Ignition button pack, import them into your site, and add a little bit of awesome today.

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