Installing the MaxButtons Plugin


If you have installed plugins in WordPress before you’ll be familiar with how installing the MaxButtons plugin works.

Step 1: Download the Plugin

If you have just purchased the plugin, you’ll receive a direct download link in your email. This will work for about a day. You can always download the plugin by going to your MaxButtons Dashboard.

Clicking on the Download link will allow you to download the plugin ZIP-file. Remember to where the file is saved.
Apple Safari users: Make sure the ZIP-file is not extracted after download. See this article.

Step 2: Upload MaxButtons PRO

In your WordPress admin screen. Go to Plugins -> Add New -> Upload Plugin (top screen). This will open a upload dialog where you can upload MaxButtons PRO.

Select the ZIP-file you have downloaded from our site. In most cases there will be a folder there will be in a folder called ‘ Downloads ‘ or similar. on your computer Select that file, and click the Install Now button.

After a short while, you should see the above screen. Click on Activate Plugin.

Step 3: Activate your license

Under MaxButtons PRO you’ll see a ‘License’ menu option. Enter your license and click Activate License.

You can find your license in your purchase email and in your MaxButtons Dashboard next to the Plugin Download. Having an active license ensures you can create buttons and automatically receive new updates via the plugin page.

Step 4: Remove the Free version

If you are upgrading from the free version, just deactivate and delete the plugin. Don’t worry, your buttons will not be harmed!


Below listed are known issues and errors that can occur from time to time when installing MaxButtons PRO. If you have issues that are not listed, please contact support.

Package not available / not authorised

1. Check if your license is valid and current. You can check the license on the My Account page.
2. This can rarely occur when the transfer of the file is interrupted, or the maxbuttons server has issues. Wait a few minutes and try again. If it persists, contact support

cURL Error

cURL is a library used for data transfer between servers. If you get a cURL errors, it’s presented with an error code and number. This is always a problem with the connection between your site and the server.

Check the error list to see details for your situation. Almost always this means you should check your control panel and allow communication between your site and This is required both for updates and license activation.

  • Init error – the cURL module might be disabled.
  • Access denied – your site is not allowed to connect to our server. Allow this in the firewall / whitelist our domain

  • If you can’t solve this or don’t know how: contact your hosting provider support. They might be able to help you/

    Javascript errors

    Javascript failure notice

  • When activating the license, the plugin might respond with an error : ‘It seems that submitting the form via Javascript failed.‘ .
  • When using the plugin this line might popup : ‘MaxButtons has detected Javascript not loading as expected.‘

  • In both cases the issue is similar: The javascript part running in the browser crashed.

    In the overwhelming majority of cases this is caused by plugins / themes interfering with the MaxButtons PRO plugin. Remember if you recently installed a new plugin, or if something has changed on your site.

    There are multiple ways to resolve the situation:

    (fictional) example of a fatal error in the console

    Finding the issue

  • Hit F12 to see the Web developer console in your browser. Reload the page. If you see errors in red you can often see which script is causing the issue. On the right side you can obtain the URL by hovering over the script name. Try to disable the plugin mentioned and see if that resolves the issue.

  • Another approach is to disable other plugins on your site. You can do this one-by-one and reload the page after disabling. When it starts working, you have discovered the problematic one. Prioritize plugins that are either old, custom made, have a small install base. It’s unlikely the problem is in a plugin that everybody has.

  • If that doesn’t work, it’s possible the problem lies within the theme. Switch to a WordPress default theme for a minute and see if that resolved the issue.

  • Use incognito mode or another browser. Sometimes the problem can be some extension in your browser. Try to load the page in incognito mode, or a browser you don’t use daily. If the problem doesn’t happen, reload your original browser, clear the cache and check your extensions.
  • Resolving the issue

  • If the problem exists in another plugin or theme, be sure you are up-to-date. Write to the author, explaining the situation, show the error and ask them to solve the issue. Also contact our support, we will always try to mitigate the issue on our end

  • If it’s a problem with Maxbuttons PRO, please contact support; you may have found a bug. Please include the full error code, since it helps to identify the issue.

  • If the plugin is not maintained, outdated or old, you’ll probably have to find an alternative. This can be a potentially unsafe situation. There is also a good chance you might have issues with other plugins, or your site in general.
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