MaxButtons Pro Download

You can get your MaxButtons Pro download of the latest version of our WordPress button plugin simply by going to your Account page.  This is where you will find the most recent version of MaxButtons Pro. Once you have added your license code to MaxButtons Pro you will be able to update MaxButtons Pro in the plugin section of your WordPress admin. It is important to use the download the most recent version of MaxButtons Pro because we regularly update it with security and bug fixes.  Also support for MaxButtons Pro is limited to only the most recent version. If you are running into an issue with MaxButtons Pro the first thing you should do is update to the latest version. If you are still running into problems then please post a support ticket in our Support forums. Don’t forget to activate your license! This will allow you to keep updated and going strong If you see a site saying it has a version of MaxButtons Pro to download, please avoid it like a plague. First they are most likely very old versions that have security issues. Second they are so old that they do not upgrade well to the latest version.  Third, you get no support. We put out security, fixes and feature upgrades at least monthly.  So you are mostly likely many, many, many versions behind what is current. Do yourself and us a favor and simply purchase a copy of MaxButtons Pro from here.  It’s worth it. The Max Foundry team