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CSS3 Buttons with No Coding Required

When it comes to WordPress buttons, CSS3 is the way to go. Text shadowing, box shadowing, gradients, border radius - it's all here and generated for you. No longer do you have to hire a designer or know HTML and CSS just to create a WordPress button. Anyone can create awesome buttons with MaxButtons Pro. No more worrying about how to write linear-gradients or CSS!

CSS3 with No Coding Required
Cross-Browser Compatible

Cross-Browser Compatible

MaxButtons Pro generates CSS and HTML that is compliant with all modern browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, and even Internet Explorer 9. For everything else, the CSS3 WordPress Button Generator plugin creates markup that degrades gracefully for older, less-modern browsers.


Icons Make All the Difference

Like buttons, everyone loves icons. Now combine them together and you've got near-limitless possibilities with the types of WordPress buttons you can create. CSS3 Buttons with icons adds a level of professionalism you normally only get from a designer, except now you can do it by yourself with only a couple of clicks.

Icons Make All the Difference
Pre-Made Button Packs

Pre-Made Button Packs

Button packs for MaxButtons Pro are a huge timesaver. They allow you to import sets of predefined buttons into your website, which you can then use as-is or tweak and customize to fit your needs. And most button packs include icons, which you can also use for your own buttons.


Multi-Line Buttons

MaxButtons Pro gives you that little something extra by providing an option for a second line of text, which is extremely useful for communicating additional nuggets of information to your website visitors and potential customers.

Multi-Line Buttons
Google Web Fonts

Google Web Fonts

Great typography can take your buttons to the next level, and MaxButtons Pro helps by including many Google Web Fonts to choose from, thus adding another dimension to your buttons. There are currently over 70 Google Web Fonts included in MaxButtons Pro, with more added every release.


Be a more productive Developer

If you are a programmer MaxButtons Pro has a ton of options to make you even more productive. We save you time learning prefixes and modify what you have without getting a designer.

Add Text to Your Buttons

Getting the words right to go with that button can dramatically increase the conversions on your site.

Almost instant payback

Most of our customers have 5 or more buttons on their sites. The time saved modifying buttons and using shortcodes pays back for MaxButtons Pro almost right away.

We Love WordPress Shortcodes. You Will Too.

Make once, use all over your site. Modify once and update all of your buttons. And all of your Shortcodes are in one easy to find place making it simple to remember them.

WordPress Button Packs

For less than the cost of a really fancy cup of coffee you can save an hour of your time using any of our 3,000+ WordPress Buttons. Or use a pack as a starting point to modify to get just the look you want. Stuffed with Social Icons, Call to Action Buttons, Buy Buttons and more we have one of the largest WordPress Button Pack and Icon Sets Libraries on the web.

See Button Changes Immediately

As you make button updates, the live preview shows you exactly how your button will look in a normal state and hover state.

Pick a color. Any color.

Our color picker let’s you zero in on just the right shade with a click, or you can use a hex or rgb code to match your current site. Options for almost every aspect of your WordPress Button design.

Works with Any Theme or Any Theme Framework.

From Genesis to Bones, Roots and Underscores, MaxButtons Pro plays nicely with all of them.

Curated Free Icon Library

Our designers have selected over 35,000 free icons that can be easily imported into MB Pro making your choices almost unlimited. We pick the best yo you can spend you time finding instead of searching.

Easy to Install

If you’re familiar with WordPress, then you’ve almost certainly installed a plugin, and installing MaxButtons Pro is no different. Download the MaxButtons Pro file. Select Add a New plugin from your WordPress admin panel. Upload the file to your site and click the install now button and activate the plugin. Plus with our terrific support if you run into problems we're here to help!

Social Media Buttons and Icons

Getting your social media connections on your site is one of the first orders of business. We have them ready to go with our WordPress Button Packs or if you don’t find exactly what you want we have thousands of free icons to choose from the library discussed above.