Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you find the most often asked questions about MaxButtons PRO, licenses, payments and support.

If any question is not anwered here, feel free to reach out. To find out where to contact us, see this question

Important note: In this FAQ we often use shortcode examples. The shortcode hooks are omitted on this page to prevent them rendering. Those are required when putting any example to your site.

MaxButtons PRO

Do I have to copy a button if I want to have a different text or link?

No. The shortcode enables you to change various items on the button including the text and link. It’s better to create a single button and reuse it.
To change text and link :

maxbutton id=”1″ text=”yourtext” url=”http://yoururl”

If you only want to change one of the two, just leave the not needed option out.
Most often used options:

maxbutton id=”1″ text=”yourtext” url=”http://yoururl” window=”new” nofollow=”true”

You should never copy buttons if you only have a different line of text and / or link on any button. You can use the ‘add button’ dialog from your posts and pages to easily use this options

How do I use the shortcode in a sidebar/widget?

Simply add the button shortcode to your widget (ex: maxbutton id=”17" or maxbutton name=”MaxButtons Button Name”). If the styling is missing on the widget, try to check the ‘use important’ checkbox under ‘advanced’ settings.

How can I add the shortcode to my post/page template?

Simply add this code snippet to any of your theme template files:
<?php echo do_shortcode('maxbutton id="17"'); ?>

Can't see styling on the frontpage

Sometimes the button styling doesn't load on the frontpage. There are usually two major reasons:

* Theme doesn't have proper footer, check if wp_footer() is called in the theme.
* Using MaxButtons with sliders, dynamic page loaders (such a parallax and one-page themes ) or caching mechanisms.

First ensure you have cleared all your (page) caches. Then you can try to add the following to your shortcode: maxbutton id=1 style="inline" ( replace the ID with the number of your button ).

TablePress and MaxButtons

TablePress uses a caching mechanism which prevents the MaxButtons style design from functioning.

To solve this problem, simply add the caching option to the shortcode like this: [table id=123 cache_table_output=false] . See this support topic on TablePress.

A solution which will keep the cache enabled is to use this in your shortcode: maxbutton id=1 style="inline" . Flush the TablePress cache after adding.

Part of my button is cut off, how do I fix that?

Try enabling the container and setting its margin options. You could also fix this manually by surrounding your button shortcode with a div element with margins. For example:

<div style="margin: 10px 10px 10px 10px;"> <?php echo do_shortcode('maxbutton id="17"'); ?> <?php echo do_shortcode('maxbutton name="MaxButtons Button Name"'); ?> </div>

Then adjust the margin values as needed (the order is: top, right, bottom, left).

How do I center the button on a page?

Enable the "Wrap with Center Div" option in the Container settings.

How do I align multiple buttons next to each other?

Enable the container option and set the alignment property to either "display: inline-block" or "float: left". You might also want to add some margin values to put some spacing between your buttons.

Nowadays most themes / page builders have some own way of creating grid-based content. Those are often preferable.

How do I display a MaxButton in a WordPress menu?

By default WordPress can't display shortcodes in a menu. You can use this plugin to allow shortcodes in a menu. Just copy the MaxButton shortcode in the menu after installing

How do I display a MaxButton in Excerpts / Post listing

By default WordPress only displays plain text in Post Excerpts. If you want to show a button there, you can add this snippet to your functions.php:

add_filter( 'the_excerpt', 'shortcode_unautop'); add_filter( 'the_excerpt', 'do_shortcode');

Alternatively there are many plugins for customizing the excerpt that can do this for you and give control over other parts of the excerpt as well.

How do I display a MaxButton in a slider?

This depends on the slider plugin you are using. Most of the well-known ones are allowing the use of shortcodes within the slides. To find out if your plugin can handle this, please ask the slider vendor.

Autoptimize and MaxButtons

Autoptimize is supported and should work fine in most cases. However, if you see weird results, try to load the pageby adding ?ao_noptimize=1 to the URL. If the buttons load normally then the issue is with Autoptimize. You can enter an exclusion for .maxbutton in the CSS exclusions.

MaxButtons PRO has a setting to output CSS-styling to a file only. This might also help any issues.

Non-Latin language users

The plugin works with users of non-lating languages with a few exceptions. First, the character set of the Database Table should be in UTF-8. If you see '????' characters in the plugin, go to Settings -> Advanced. There is a button to set the tabel to UTF-8

Secondly, please use latin only characters for button name ( Basic settings) and extra classes ( Advanced settings ). Not doing so might prevent the styling output from working correctly.


Where and how can I get support?

Customers of MaxButtons Pro can ask for support on our support forums.  Users of the free version can post their questions on the WordPress support forum.

When asking for support please describe clearly what the problem or question is. Take screenshots of pages that give the unexpected results. If there is a problem with the front of your website, please post a link to your website so our support people can see what the issue is firsthand.  Give relevant information, like your browser, OS etc.

Which questions do we answer?

In general we give support about any topic directly pertaining to MaxButtons plugins. On the other hand we are  not able to answer questions about MaxButtons Pro and your theme, other plugins, creating websites in general or other issues that didn't arise from using our plugin.

Licenses and Payments

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards. We also accept payments through PayPal.

Does MaxButtons Pro work with non-WordPress sites?

No, MaxButtons Pro is specifically designed to work with WordPress and won't work with other platforms.

Do I get lifetime updates and support?

No, your purchase of MaxButtons Pro gets you updates and support for one year from date of purchase. To continue receiving updates and support after that, you'll need to renew your license.

How much does it cost to renew my license?

Because MaxButtons Pro is already at a crazy low price, renewing your license will still cost you $19. It's a small price to pay for continued support and ongoing upgrades.

Will my buttons stop working if my license expires?

No, you can use MaxButtons Pro and its buttons for as long as you like, whether or not your license is current or expired. Once your license expires, you will no longer receive updates or support. It will also not be possible to create new buttons or change your current ones.

Do you offer refunds?

Because MaxButtons Pro and our Button Packs are digital goods we have a no-refund policy. All sales are final. Find out more information on our Terms and Conditions page.

Installing the plugin

After buying MaxButtons Pro it's time to install the plugin. It's easy. The steps needed to install the plugin:

* Go to your account page on this website.
* Download the MaxButtons plugin by clicking the download button. Save the zip file to your computer.
* Go to your WordPress admin pages, and click in the menu 'plugins'
* In the top, next to the page title ( 'plugins' ) you see 'Add new' , click that
* On the same spot you see 'Upload plugin', click that as well.
* In the next screen, upload the zip file to WordPress. Wait a little and the plugin should be installed, activate it and you are good to go!

Attention: Disable and remove the free MaxButton plugin version if you have it installed, since having both plugins will cause conflict.

Installing via FTP

You can install plugins via FTP as well, just like any other WordPress plugin. Unzip the plugin unto your computer and then use your FTP program to upload the plugin ( including the directory ) to /wp-content/plugins. After uploading the plugin should appear in your plugin list.