WordPress Share Buttons Addon Version 1.0

MaxButtons Share Buttons Addon Version 1.0 On Friday we released Version 1.0 of our MaxButtons Share Buttons Addon. The response from our Version 0.9 was excellent and we spent quite of bit of time with your feedback making it even better plus Instagram and Youtube social networks. Now it’s ready for prime time. The addon works well […]

Getting Started with WordPress Share Buttons for MaxButtons

WordPress Share Buttons is a free extension for MaxButtons that lets you add social share buttons to various locations on your WordPress site. With the plugin, you can: Choose from 7 stylish share button sets Turn share buttons on or off for individual post types and/or individual posts Manually configure which link gets shared when […]

MaxButtons Pro Color Picker

Last week we released MaxButtons and MaxButtons Pro versions 6.5 which include our beautiful new color picker! There are number of things about this color picker we love.  First is that the color hex code is automatically highlighted so that it is very easy to copy/paste into hover and other button states. The sliding bar […]

MaxButtons Pro Version 6

We are pleased to announce the release of MaxButtons Pro version 6.  We highly recommend all MaxButtons Pro customers update to this latest version. Log into your Account page or update in your plugin admin now please. We have made some big strides since the release of version 5 including an integration with popular Beaver Builder […]

1 Million Thanks…and Downloads!

Yesterday with the release of MaxButtons Version 6.01 we soared right through 1M downloads for MaxButtons.  We are truly humbled by the massive amount of clicking that has taken place on MaxButtons WordPress repo download button.  Between the enthusiastic use of MaxButtons and the 369 5 star user reviews we are really pleased to have played […]

MaxButtons Pro Mobile Interface Updates

Last week we released MaxButtons Pro version 5.11 which included updates that make it easier to use MaxButtons Pro on mobile devices down to 640 pixels in width. Now we know that most of you only work on your site at a desktop machine, but in talking with a large hosting provider they requested that […]

MaxButtons Pro’s Easy Digital Downloads Integration

MaxButtons Pro Version 5.10 includes our full integration with Easy Digital Downloads to use MaxButtons for Purchase and Checkout buttons. These are the two of the most important e-commerce call to action touch points on your Easy Digital Downloads site. MaxButtons Pro automatically detects the presence on EDD on your site.  Once installed go to […]

New! Beaver Builder Integration

New Beaver Builder Integration! We are super pleased to announce our latest integration of MaxButtons Pro with Beaver Builder WordPress Page Builder.  Like our integrations with Site Origin Page Builder and Visual Composer for WordPress we take the deep dive to make working with Beaver Builder and MaxButtons as easy and seamless as possible. Download […]

Free E-Commerce Button Pack and Bluchic Themes Offer

Free Button Pack Today we posted our Buy Add Shop E-Commerce button pack which is free through next weekend. We will be posting a number of new E-commerce button packs through the month of July. We think this one is particularly nice with it’s pastel background colors. Bluchic Themes Deal Our Senior Design Consultant Natalie […]

Best WordPress Button Plugins

We have been building and updating MaxButtons Pro for several years.  Our free WordPress plugin MaxButtons is by far the most downloaded and installed WordPress Buttons plugin across WordPress.  Recently we have been asking our many users to rate MaxButtons and we have been overwhelmed by the positive outpouring of appreciation and affection for MaxButtons […]

WordPress Button Plugin

The easiest and most productive way to insert buttons on a WordPress site is to use a WordPress button plugin.  MaxButtons Pro is the premium version of MaxButtons one of the most popular WordPress button generators. With over 50,000 active users MaxButtons is the most used WordPress button plugin. When looking at different WordPress button plugins it can […]

Google Analytics Event Tracking now in MaxButtons Pro

Google Analytics Event Tracking On Friday we released version 3.07 of MaxButtons Pro.  This upgrade primarily implements Google Analytics Event Tracking for clicks on buttons.  If you are already a GA pro you immediately understand how valuable and powerful this new feature is. Google Analytics has no way of seeing individual elements on your site. […]

MaxButtons Pro Version 3 is Here!

Early last week we soft launched the newest version of our WordPress button plugin MaxButtons Pro.  We are very excited about this new release for a number of reasons.  First while on the outside it mostly looks like the old MaxButtons Pro underneath the covers it is the first complete from scratch rewrite of MaxButtons […]

Add Font Awesome icons to your WordPress site

You can use MaxButtons PRO to create professional looking buttons. It’s very simple to add one of the beautiful Font Awesome Icons to a button to give it that extra kick. Open the button Editor by going to MaxButtons PRO – Add New . Scroll down to the Icon section Click to select an icon. […]

MaxButtons Pro Version 2.0 Is Here

A couple days ago we released version 2.0 of MaxButtons Pro and there are some significant changes in this version that existing customers need to know about, primarily centered around license activation and automatic updates. Continue reading for all the details.

MaxButtons and Internet Explorer

In the year since MaxButtons has been out, we’ve seen it continue to take somewhat of a foothold in the WordPress ecosystem. The free version has been downloaded over 40,000 times, the Pro version continues to sell each month, and the button packs have been a big hit. However, one issue has eaten at us […]

MaxButtons Update: New Advanced Options

Last night we pushed out an update to both the free and Pro versions of MaxButtons, which contains a couple overdue issues we’ve been trying to get done for awhile now. Here’s the details on each item in this update.

MaxButtons and Shopp

We just updated MaxButtons Pro to version 1.6.0 and it contains one very important update: integration with the Shopp e-commerce plugin for WordPress. Shopp is a powerful shopping cart system which we use here on the MaxButtons website (as well as on our MaxGalleria and MaxInbound sites). Since we started using Shopp, one of the […]

The $100 All-In-One Package

Now that we have so many button packs, we’ve done something we’ve wanted to do for quite awhile now – offer you the opportunity to get everything we have for $100. We’re calling it the MaxButtons All-In-One package, and it’s an outrageous deal.

40% Off Black Friday Deal

We have a special deal for anyone looking to create awesome CSS3 buttons in WordPress. Now through Cyber Monday you can get MaxButtons Pro and any of its button packs for 40% off the list price. That’s a huge savings and an offer you don’t want to pass up. Simply enter the code MAXBLACK12 in […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Dancing Call-To-Action Buttons

Attention Ladies! This call-to-action set of WordPress Buttons was designed with you in mind. Chic icons matched with Dancing Script Font result in great buttons that will encourage action on your landing pages, website, or blog. Each button is offered in 3 colors: purple, teal and grey and the pack includes buttons for call us, […]

MaxButtons Pro 1.4.0 Is Here

We’re pleased to announce that yesterday we released version 1.4.0 of MaxButtons Pro, the leading CSS3 button generator for WordPress. This update has been in the works for quite awhile, much longer than we’d like to be honest, but it’s here and we’re thrilled to get it out the door. We think you’ll find this […]

New CSS3 Buttons: Payment Options

Here’s a little change of pace from the last few social media buttons – Payment Options, a button pack that features 11 different payment options, each in 2 sizes (22 total, small and large). Use these buttons to prominently display the following payment methods on your website: American Express, Cirrus, Direct Debit, Discover, e-gold, Mastercard, […]

New CSS3 Buttons: Modern Social Media Mix

We know you can’t get enough social media buttons and icons, and today’s set simply adds to the list. It’s called Modern Social Media Mix and comes with 18 buttons – 2 each, in color and monochrome, for the following 9 social media websites: Behance, Dribble, Facebook, Forrst, Google+, Pinterest, RSS, Twitter, and Zerply.

New CSS3 Buttons: HD Social Media Buttons

Here’s another social media button set for you: HD Social Media Buttons, a pack of 28 highly detailed icons and buttons representing 14 social media platforms in both a small and large size.

New CSS3 Buttons: Blueprint Social Media

Today’s button pack is named Blueprint Social Media and comes with 12 social media icons. From Double-J Design, these icons make unique buttons that will connect users with various social media sites. The social media sites, platforms, and companies represented are Blogger, Delicious, DeviantArt, Facebook, Flickr, Google, LinkedIn, RSS, StumbleUpon, Twitter (bird and lowercase t […]

New CSS3 Buttons: Monochrome Tools

It’s been awhile since we’ve released some button packs, but not to fear, we’re back with some more sets in the queue. Today’s set is named Monochrome Tools and has 16 buttons featuring streamlined icons with character and clean lines.

New CSS3 Buttons: Simple Social Media – Square

Here’s another set of buttons in our simple social media series, this one named Simple Social Media – Square. This is a 20 button pack with simple, squared buttons and icons for the following social media sites: Bebo, Blogger, Delicious, DeviantArt, Digg, Dribble, Facebook, Foursquare, Friendster, Last.fm, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Skype, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Twitter, Vimeo, […]

New CSS3 Buttons: Simple Social Media Flat

The next set of CSS3 buttons in our series of social media icons is called Simple Social Media – Flat. This button pack includes 20 simple, non-bordered buttons and icons for Bebo, Blogger, Delicious, DeviantArt, Digg, Dribble, Facebook, Foursquare, Friendster, Last.fm, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit, Skype, StumbleUpon, Technorati, Twitter, Vimeo, Yelp, and YouTube.

New CSS3 Buttons: Simple Social Media – Circles

This set of buttons is the first in a series of social media button packs we’ll be releasing over the next few days. This one is called Simple Social Media – Circles and comes with 20 monochromatic, rounded buttons representing the following social media sites: Bebo, Blogger, Delicious, DeviantArt, Digg, Dribble, Facebook, Foursquare, Friendster, Last.fm, […]

Free CSS3 Buttons: ZURB Radioactive

We don’t have a special Easter button pack this month, but we’re handing out another button pack anyway! This one is called ZURB Radioactive, and it was inspired by ZURB’s Radioactive buttons from their playground (a collection of web experiments). These buttons don’t actually have the glowing, radioactive effect, but they still look great nonetheless.

Free CSS3 Buttons: Happy St. Patrick’s Day

The next set of CSS3 buttons for our MaxButtons Pro plugin is a free one, and just in time for the holiday festivities this weekend. Happy St. Patrick’s Day is a button pack that includes 12 icons to mark the occasion, including pots of gold, beer mugs, balloons, leprechaun hats, 4 leaf clovers, the Irish […]

New CSS3 Buttons: Pace

We’ve got another shiny new set of CSS3 buttons for you. This one is called Pace, and was inspired by the Pace Icon Set from Design Deck. This button pack includes 28 colorful buttons that can be used for any number of actions (which of course can be changed to fit your needs).

New CSS3 Buttons: Monochrome Call-To-Action

Last week we gave you the Monochrome Social Media set, and today we’re following that up with Monochrome Call-To-Action, a great-looking set of CSS3 buttons in the familiar light and dark monochrome color scheme. This button pack has 24 buttons, 12 light and 12 dark, and was designed by our friend Nicole Farrell.

New CSS3 Buttons: Monochrome Social Media

Today’s new CSS3 button pack brings us another set from Nicole Farrell (designer of Pink Chromatic), this one being Monochrome Social Media. This pack includes 18 monochrome buttons for 9 different social media icons, with each coming in a light and dark version.