Free Blue Mini UI Pack and Tiered Pricing

We would like to thank the several people who reached out to talk with us about pricing by replying to last weeks’ email. We were very glad to hear that folks are pleased with MaxButtons Pro and our continuing improvements we are making. It was good to get to speak with some of you who have deployed […]

MaxButtons Pro Version 5

A very big week for us here with the release of MaxButtons Pro Version 5.  You have seen quite a few of the upgrades in the versions prior to this release.  We very much appreciate your emails and great ratings and we are glad to hear how much you like what we changed. Version 5 […]

New Button Editor

Yesterday we released Version 4.22 of MaxButtons Pro which includes a significant refresh of the basic section of the button editor. We think this is a nice improvement to getting buttons designed even faster and easier. Planning on creating new buttons soon or are curious about the UI magic we have have performed on MaxButtons Pro you […]

Revisiting the Button Editor

It has been more than two years since we have taken a look at the layout of our button editor. From the ratings we receive we know how much people like MaxButtons Pro as it is now.  But in our minds we have wanted to upgrade your ability to put great buttons up very faster […]

Happy Easter Buttons

Today we released Version 4.19 of MaxButtons Pro which you can download from your Account page on the MaxButtons Pro site or update it from the plugin dashboard if you are using Version 4.10 or later. Version 4.19 fixed some small changes including a conflict with Toolset Types on icons, adding an extra check on passing the version number in […]

MaxButtons Coupons

They don’t exist. You have found MaxButtons Pro and read through the site and now you want to buy it.  The next thing you might do is type MaxButtons Coupons or MaxButtons discount into your search engine.  You might find some offers from way back from when we were first starting.  But none of them […]

Google Fonts – Over 700 of them

Yesterday we released Version 4.18 of MaxButtons and MaxButtons Pro. We highly recommend that you download the latest version of MaxButtons Pro from your Account page on the MaxButtons Pro site or update it the plugin dashboard if you are using Version 4.10 or later. In Version 4.18 we built a Font Manager for Google fonts you can use for […]

Visual Composer for WordPress

Today we released Version 4.17 of MaxButtons and MaxButtons Pro. We highly recommend that you download the latest version of MaxButtons Pro from your Account page on the MaxButtons Pro site or update it the plugin dashboard if you are using Version 4.10 or later. Version 4.17 of MaxButtons Pro contains our integration with Visual Composer for WordPress page builder! In addition to […]

Holiday Buttons

  Just a reminder with St. Patricks day almost upon us that MaxButtons Pro comes with free button packs for a number of holidays.  You can find them in our listing of free button packs on the button pack page.  We have packs for Valentine’s day, St. Patrick’s day, Mother’s and Father’s day, Cinco de Mayo […]

Save buttons and time using using shortcodes

Imagine you have a bunch of buttons on your site that you want to give the same look and feel. But maybe you need a different link for the button or you want to have a different text. We notice when giving support many people use the MaxButtons Pro copy function and just replicate the button […]

Social Share and a new Social Icons Button Pack

When we launched MaxButtons Pro Version 4.0 we included the beta version of our Social Share capability in MaxButtons Pro. Social Share for articles and posts has exploded and we realized that a lot of you would appreciate a robust Social Share offering that also included the ability to design your social icons just the way […]

Font Awesome 4.5.0 Support

Version 4.13 included our new Basic Buttons button pack with 30 buttons you can use to get you up and running super fast.  We have enjoyed watching all of your downloads come through our system.  We hope you are enjoying it as much as we think it makes MaxButtons Pro easier. Aside from Basic Buttons […]

Basic Buttons

A lot of our users are focused on simply getting terrific buttons up on their site’s super fast.  Basic buttons.  So we now include with MaxButtons Pro a large button pack set of Basic Buttons.  We worked to include the basic button shapes, borders and gradients to cover almost any WordPress button need you might […]

Pin your images with Pinterest

With the release of Version 4.12 today you now can let visitors pin images directly from your site or blog post to their Pinterest boards using the social share features of MaxButtons and MaxButtons Pro.  We highly recommended that you upgrade MaxButtons Pro to Version 4.12 not just for this change but also to be able […]

Having your Shortcake (Plugin)

Our latest version of MaxButtons and MaxButtons Pro shipped with an integration of the Shortcake plugin.  What the Shortcake plugin allows you to do is see your shortcode in your editor as it will appear on the page. While [shortcode id=”xx”] seems groovy to use and to a lot of experienced programmers it is, we think seeing […]

SiteOrigin Page Builder and MaxButtons Pro

Today we released MaxButtons Pro Version 4.11 which contains our full integration for SiteOrigin Page Builder . This integration lets you use MaxButton’s simple and powerful capabilities to build and use beautiful buttons in Page Builder.  Specifically our version 4.11 release let’s you add MaxButtons and MaxButtons Pro to your SiteOrigin Widgets plugin. Once installed you can add buttons automatically when using […]

Best WordPress Button Plugins

We have been building and updating MaxButtons Pro for several years.  Our free WordPress plugin MaxButtons is by far the most downloaded and installed WordPress Buttons plugin across WordPress.  Recently we have been asking our many users to rate MaxButtons and we have been overwhelmed by the positive outpouring of appreciation and affection for MaxButtons […]

WordPress Button Plugin

The easiest and most productive way to insert buttons on a WordPress site is to use a WordPress button plugin.  MaxButtons Pro is the premium version of MaxButtons one of the most popular WordPress button generators. With over 50,000 active users MaxButtons is the most used WordPress button plugin. When looking at different WordPress button plugins it can […]

CSS Minify

We have included the ability to CSS Minify in the versions 3.11 of MaxButtons and MaxButtons Pro.  CSS compression is now the default setting and is recommended for increasing your site’s speed and performance. Simply go to the MaxButtons > Settings and unclick the box next to Minify CSS output of buttons to turn it […]

Google Analytics Event Tracking now in MaxButtons Pro

Google Analytics Event Tracking On Friday we released version 3.07 of MaxButtons Pro.  This upgrade primarily implements Google Analytics Event Tracking for clicks on buttons.  If you are already a GA pro you immediately understand how valuable and powerful this new feature is. Google Analytics has no way of seeing individual elements on your site. […]

Google Analytics Event Tracking for WordPress Button Clicks

Google Analytics is the most used product for tracking traffic and user interaction on your site.  But Google Analytics is blind to WordPress buttons and other elements on your site.  Google Analytics created Event Tracking code to track To enable to track interaction with elements.  MaxButtons Pro lets you implement this Event Tracking for WordPress Button […]

MaxButtons Pro 3.04

Have you received an update notice for MaxButtons Pro? Some folks haven’t.  You’ll want to update it manually if you haven’t.  Here’s a post on how to do that if you need help. MaxButtons Pro 3.04 now includes sweet Button section layout improvements. Pagination and button caching also makes this section must faster. It’ll be […]

MaxButtons Pro Version 3 is Here!

Early last week we soft launched the newest version of our WordPress button plugin MaxButtons Pro.  We are very excited about this new release for a number of reasons.  First while on the outside it mostly looks like the old MaxButtons Pro underneath the covers it is the first complete from scratch rewrite of MaxButtons […]

MaxButtons Pro Version 2.0 Is Here

A couple days ago we released version 2.0 of MaxButtons Pro and there are some significant changes in this version that existing customers need to know about, primarily centered around license activation and automatic updates. Continue reading for all the details.

What Is CSS3?

Update: Opera no longer uses the -o- prefix since their switch to -webkit- in Feb 2013 CSS3 buttons can improve the look of your button with border-radius, box-shadow, text-shadow and other CSS3 effects. All it takes is a little bit of CSS knowledge and an awareness of browser prefixes. MaxButtons handles all of the CSS3 […]

MaxButtons and Internet Explorer

In the year since MaxButtons has been out, we’ve seen it continue to take somewhat of a foothold in the WordPress ecosystem. The free version has been downloaded over 40,000 times, the Pro version continues to sell each month, and the button packs have been a big hit. However, one issue has eaten at us […]

MaxButtons Update: New Advanced Options

Last night we pushed out an update to both the free and Pro versions of MaxButtons, which contains a couple overdue issues we’ve been trying to get done for awhile now. Here’s the details on each item in this update.

MaxButtons and Shopp

We just updated MaxButtons Pro to version 1.6.0 and it contains one very important update: integration with the Shopp e-commerce plugin for WordPress. Shopp is a powerful shopping cart system which we use here on the MaxButtons website (as well as on our MaxGalleria and MaxInbound sites). Since we started using Shopp, one of the […]

The $100 All-In-One Package

Now that we have so many button packs, we’ve done something we’ve wanted to do for quite awhile now – offer you the opportunity to get everything we have for $100. We’re calling it the MaxButtons All-In-One package, and it’s an outrageous deal.

40% Off Black Friday Deal

We have a special deal for anyone looking to create awesome CSS3 buttons in WordPress. Now through Cyber Monday you can get MaxButtons Pro and any of its button packs for 40% off the list price. That’s a huge savings and an offer you don’t want to pass up. Simply enter the code MAXBLACK12 in […]

New WordPress Buttons Pack: Dancing Call-To-Action Buttons

Attention Ladies! This call-to-action set of WordPress Buttons was designed with you in mind. Chic icons matched with Dancing Script Font result in great buttons that will encourage action on your landing pages, website, or blog. Each button is offered in 3 colors: purple, teal and grey and the pack includes buttons for call us, […]

MaxButtons Pro 1.4.0 Is Here

We’re pleased to announce that yesterday we released version 1.4.0 of MaxButtons Pro, the leading CSS3 button generator for WordPress. This update has been in the works for quite awhile, much longer than we’d like to be honest, but it’s here and we’re thrilled to get it out the door. We think you’ll find this […]

10 Button Packs for Only $25

Simple Social Buttons

Everyone loves a good deal. Correction, everyone loves a *great* deal, and we’ve got one for you. Starting with the redesign of, we’re now letting you get 10 of our pre-made button packs for only $25! That’s HALF OFF when compared to buying each one individually at $5 a piece. That’s some serious jack […]

New and Improved

Gray Mini Social Buttons

A little less than a month ago we unveiled, a new website dedicated to our MaxInbound product, a plugin to create WordPress landing pages. And now we’re happy to announce that we’ve also redesigned, our site dedicated to MaxButtons Pro, the best CSS3 button generator for WordPress.