Using MaxButtons with Gravity Forms

Using MaxButtons with Gravity Forms is pretty easy and takes just a bit of code to start using MaxButtons as your form Submit buttons.

MaxButtons Pro 2.6 – Now With Font Awesome!

We’re very excited to announce that last night we released MaxButtons Pro 2.6, which now includes integration with Font Awesome. We know that a lot of you love Font Awesome as much as we do, so we’ve created the easiest WordPress integration of Font Awesome with MaxButtons Pro. No more need to remember icon values, […]

MaxButtons 2.5.0 and 1.24.0

Early this morning we released an update for both versions of MaxButtons that will give you another quick way to copy a gradient you’ve already made and invert it to give a good-looking hover state to your buttons with minimal effort. If you have issues with the update feel free to let us know in […]

MaxButtons Pro Pack Updates

This note is to let all of you wonderful folks know that we will no longer be including our latest weekly pack in This Week In WordPress as we have previously. Instead all of our updates will come through either Facebook or Twitter, so be sure to give us a follow or a like to […]

MaxButtons 1.21 and 2.3.5

This past week we updated both MaxButtons and MaxButtons Pro after being informed there was a possible vulnerability (there were no confirmed breaches, simply a test), so we acted as quickly as we could to make sure we patched up the holes. You won’t see much of a difference on you end unless you are […]

MaxButtons Pro 2.3.1 Update Released

The latest version of MaxButtons Pro (2.3.1) was released this weekend so be sure to update your plugin to take full advantage of the changes. “What changes this time?” you may be asking. We had some requests for more Google Web Fonts so we added them in by using the requests and some of the […]

What Is CSS3?

Update: Opera no longer uses the -o- prefix since their switch to -webkit- in Feb 2013 CSS3 buttons can improve the look of your button with border-radius, box-shadow, text-shadow and other CSS3 effects. All it takes is a little bit of CSS knowledge and an awareness of browser prefixes. MaxButtons handles all of the CSS3 […]